Empreendedorismo na Bairrada
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How to Differentiate Great Leaders from Good Leaders

How to Differentiate Great Leaders from Good Leaders | Empreendedorismo na Bairrada | Scoop.it
Recently, I attended a memorial service for Dennis Dammerman, a retired GE executive and one of the very first people I interviewed with at GE 30 years ago. He was a mentor and friend to me and a

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Yes, valuable ! 

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Build a WE not a ME organization. You have to inspire people. An idea or initiative may start with that constituency of one, but eventually you need buy-in from a company of many

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We believe, to become a great leader you must have 50% Knowledge, 25% Understanding, 20% Belief, 5% Charm. You cant learn everything from a book or a teacher, the best sauce of knowledge is experience, the same way the best way to manage is by sharing those experiences with others so you can all learn from the successes and failures together.
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29 Quotes On The Future of Business

29 Quotes On The Future of Business | Empreendedorismo na Bairrada | Scoop.it
What does the future of business have in store for us? Here are 29 quotes to help you understand the changes that are coming. Please add your own quote?

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add your insight...in business note that families are valuable assets to hang on to when the storm hits

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The internet has radically changed the relationship between customers and businesses. This has forced especially small businesses into a new space where ‘business as usual’ must be done differently in order to get discovered, connect with customers and run effective promotions.

As we’ve been visiting with small businesses, we’ve found that most are using social media to connect with customers. But at the same time, most are unaware of the power online communities, that include a combination of Social, Local and Mobile media, can play in today's consumer’s purchase decisions.

This stat proves this to be true: "Peer recommendations drive sales. 70% of consumer said they were influenced by a friend or family member’s online recommendation, beating out in-person recommendation (61%), online articles (59%), ads (49%), or someone they follow online but don’t know (32%)"