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AMU Criminal Justice Student Creates Documentary to Change Police Empathy
Now that the film is done, Brownfeld looks forward to the “effect” phase. He says his goal is to find ways the film can help improve police and community relationships.

He is also working to develop training materials in parallel with the film as a tool to help officers explore the role of empat...
4 Steps To Conflict Resolution When You And He Are Both Right: "Enter empathy'
Enter empathy. That is, achieving the insight to understand why the other one feels wronged; stepping into the other’s reasoning; creating a bridge on which to move.

This is hard for adults to do in the throes of anger and resentment. It’s impossible for young children in their disputes becaus...
How to escape the Drama Triangle 
The corners of the Drama Triangle
The Drama Triangle is a concept that defines the three roles people typically take on in high-conflict situations. Contrary to its name, the triangle doesn’t have to involve three people; it simply follows how different personalities affect each other during a co...
Enough with naming and shaming: It’s time for restorative justice in Hollywood.
With her proximity to Hollywood, Ackerman is well situated to become the Gloria Allred of restorative justice. And, if its most vaunted ideals are to be believed, Hollywood should be an ideal platform to model a practice based on storytelling and deep listening.
When filmmakers talk about their...
Two Dimensional Empathy in Mediation is a must.
Place of empathy in mediation is pivotal. As discussed in the above paragraph, it is the mediator who runs the process; it is his responsibility to be an empathetic person. In mediation, concept of empathy is twofold i.e. empathy towards the parties and empathy in the parties inter se. I would li...
Empathy: The Heart of Difficult Conversations | Michelle Stowe | TEDxTallaght  
Michelle Stowe is a restorative practitioner, trainer and consultant. She is passionate about creating well-being and happiness in the workplace; and particularly interested in re-culturing schools and cultivating a restorative paradigm shift that honours community and connection.
Michelle also...
Empathy and social justice | Justice Requires Empathy: Empathy: Tap It or Teach It, but Definitel...
Empathy is poised to become the buzzword of the 21st century– the defining trait of our social and political evolution. Empathy will be to this century what “rights” was to the 20th century and “equality” was to the 19th century.

As a word, a concept, and a goal empathy is omnipresent. From p...
Justice Requires Empathy
Before we can change our system for the better, we have to understand its shortcomings. As a result, on this site you will see postings about the many injustices and inequities within our criminal justice system. In particular, there will be postings on police abuse of power as well as institut...
Carol Gilligan - Ethics of care
9. What are important issues for the ethics of care in the future?
To address the question of why the ethics of care is still embattled (especially in the U.S.) but also now in Europe), to consider the ethics of care in light of new evidence in the human sciences that as humans we are by nature e...