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Four Strategies for Introducing Empathy in the Classroom
Read About the WorldIn the classroom, reading has long been a powerful way to help students see situations from different perspectives. Read aloud sessions, such as “Those Shoes,” help students understand topics such as empathy, but teachers don’t always have to only turn to fictional stories for...
Teaching Empathy
Given all of the benefits of cultivating children’s empathy, following Denmark’s example both at home and in schools could have a profound effect on children’s happiness and success.
During the “Klassens Time”, the students are encouraged to discuss challenges they are experiencing both in and ...
Educating for Empathy 
Educating for Empathy presents a compelling framework for thinking about the purpose and practice of literacy education in a politically polarized world. Mirra proposes a model of critical civic empathy that encourages secondary ELA teachers to consider how issues of power and inequity play out i...
Back to School with #StartEmpathy and #ChangemakerEd
Overview Reimagining Education Teachers Talk ~ Changemaker Education Why Empathy? A Case for Promoting Empathy in Schools Changemaker Classrooms Changemaker Educators Changemaker Students Empathy In a world of fast change and increasingly complex problems, empathy is emerging alongside reading ...
Empathy in the Classroom Webinar - EdTechTeam - Google Slides
A key element in the relation with students: teaching empathy | Acer for Education
Empathy is the underrated ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It's a fundamental ability, for any person in any time in any context, but Teach active listening Active listening is a very effective teaching method: it consists in helping pupils to free their own mind, allowing...
An Argument for More Empathy in the Classroom
Beyond being a well-constructed film following the life and times of a fascinating man, the main theme of Won’t You Be My Neighbor? was a message sorely needed in today’s world: what made Mr. Rogers successful and great was his relentless, unwavering commitment to empathy.  ...
 Its central idea ...
UW-La Crosse program aims to help teachers nurture empathy
At UW-La Crosse’s Fall for Education Conference Nov. 3-4, Borba will share how to teach students the nine essential habits of empathy — lessons from her latest book, “UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World.”Borba, an expert in childhood development, has been featured on “...
How to build empathy in the classroom, one story at a time | Teacher Network | The Guardian
One school’s EmpathyLab project on refugees has shifted pupil attitudes about the world and their place in it'
That work was part of a pilot project my school, Moorlands primary academy in Norfolk, was trialling for EmpathyLab. As a teacher, I’ve long been aware of the importance of using stori...