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Consumer Behavior Survey Finds Personalized Service Options Win Over Brand Loyalty

Consumer Behavior Survey Finds Personalized Service Options Win Over Brand Loyalty | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it
Findings from a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive and inContact, a provider of cloud contact center software, prove companies cannot rely on brand loyalty when it comes to keeping existing customers or winning new ones.

Via Luke Mariner
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

In this day in age, it is vital to have a range of different communication channles so you can target and access your exsisting and potential customers. This article discusses the need for 20th century businesses to embrace technology. "When asked which types of communication methods are most important, 96 percent of respondents felt it was important for companies to have email communication." Email has become on of the most popular methods of marketing as it is accesible 24/7, anytime and anywhere. This is not the case with the likes of direct mail marketing as you must be in one place to see it. Technology is definetly the way of the future for marketing. 

Mez Raukawa Newton's comment, April 10, 2013 12:03 AM
This is a very important article that all companies should take note on. This article shows that companies are not paying attention to consumer behaviour, nor acknowledging the fact that communication is an important priority. As we all know, communication is a highly effective way to keep customers alert and interested, and technology today have many ways of doing so. Like apar mentioned, mobile apps are more popular as it is convenient, and convenience is what customers want regardless of what company they look into.
Alexandra Renall's comment, September 25, 2013 3:50 PM
These survey results are very interesting - thanks for re-scooping Chelsea. Evidently, almost every consumer questioned felt e-mail communication was essential in any business. I did not find the statistic "95 % of respondents indicating that it was important for companies to have live reps" surprising. Personally, I believe it is important to talk to a 'real' person directly - especially if a problem occus.
Jordan Smith's comment, September 25, 2013 9:07 PM
I found it interesting that the survey stated cconsumers are less likely to make buying decisions based on brand loyalty, and more likely to choose a company that offers personalized customer experience options. However this is relevant as with the rise of digital technologies brands are offered more platforms to interact with customers therefore this has created a shift in expectations. For example 84 percent of the respondents aged 18 to 34 said that it was important for a company to have apps for mobile devices. Applications on mobile devices are renown for offering customers more personal shopping experiences as customers are able to tailor their own preferences.
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Communication Process in Marketing

Communication Process in Marketing | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it


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Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

This article is not directly associated to channels of communications within marketing, however, it does raise some very valid points. One particular section of the article states "This skepticism is being amplified by the power of social media which now give consumers and influencers as much power as the marketer to influence the brand. " Social media does have such a large impact on brands these days with anyone in the world being able to publish anything that they wish about a brand anytime and anywhere, and anyone else in the world can see it. It is important that marketers within brands are aware of the power of social media as the internet does have such a powerful influence.

Jess Healy's curator insight, April 3, 2013 4:56 PM

this article talks about how to communicate and reach your consumers through different ways other than just marketing. 

MakanakaTuwe's comment, September 25, 2013 10:48 PM
This article has a focus on what a brand needs to do apart from marketing. It emphasizes the need to use other tools such as a logo to create brand identity.
Alexandra Renall's comment, September 26, 2013 3:21 AM
This article is very interesting Chelsea, I agree that it does raise some valid points. One point in particular that I noted was the lack of trust consumers have for a business with no brand. Personally I think that if a brand is not proud to display its logo, it probably has something to hide. With the prominence of social media, brands must strive to become more and more transparent.
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Direct Mail Marketing: Today? Really?

Direct Mail Marketing: Today? Really? | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it
Even online giant Google uses direct mail marketing in their marketing mix. How can you integrate direct mail into your business?

Via OneIMS
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

As discussed in this weeks tutorial, many people and organizations themselves are so heavily focused on marketing through the net that direct mail marketing is often thought of as useless and unnecessary. However, this article explains the fact that even web giant Google has decided to jump on the direct mail marketing band wagon. As stated in the article, "The folks at Google are smart. They know that different people respond to different approaches at different times. And they also know that it’s a little harder to throw away a piece of physical mail than it is to delete an email." This statement is very true in the fact that not everyone in this day in age is up with the social media and technology aspect of things. Everyone has different methods and ways of communicating and for many mail and post is still the way they would prefer to communicate.

Elijah Taulago's curator insight, May 9, 2013 11:19 PM

This article talks about google. Google is one oif the "Giants" of the online media world. What was unusual about this particular situation was that google used "Direct marketing" to  reach out to a particular indiviual who was looking at advertising his business. This approach that google is interesting it shows that google is now resorting to other forms of media. Google was being smart and now intergrating a variety of marketing approaches. Google figures that it is alot harder to throw out a piece of mail then deleting an email. I find this to be a great example of intergration. 

Alexandra Renall's comment, September 23, 2013 10:50 PM
I found it interesting that one of the most influential online companies in the world see direct mail marketing as useful. As the author stated, Google know that people respond to approaches very differently. We are all unique and have different preferences. Many people, especially the older generation, prefer mail as a communication tool.
Jordan Smith's comment, September 25, 2013 8:48 PM
I think that this article is interesting as I would have not thought an organisation such as Google would use what seems like an old school tool however it just further emphasises the point that different people respond to different tools. This technique may for example be relevant to people who are not tech savvy and use social media and a direct mail out be more practical for this audience segment. This can also be seen as a clever approach as with direct emailing it is much easier for consumers to delete the email where as one has to physically throw out a piece of email. I think this article is a good example of integration as Google is using a variety of marketing techniques,
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Marketing Strategy and Planning: How To Avoid Marketing Budget Disasters | B2B Marketing Insider

Marketing Strategy and Planning: How To Avoid Marketing Budget Disasters | B2B Marketing Insider | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it

Five Steps to Avoid a Marketing Strategy and Planning Disaster:

1. Identify your business goals and evaluate them in context with the latest marketplace realities and customer research. Start with the customer problems you can solve and take their perspective.
2. Ruthlessly evaluate what worked and what didn’t in the past. Pick winners and prune the losing tactics, techniques and processes. Shift people to where they are needed most.
3. Model the appropriate marketing mix in order to achieve a higher return on marketing spend.
4. Define a Content Strategy based on the needs of todays’ buyers. Create an audience-first marketing mentality.
5. Define an always-on, inbound marketing approach that produces more efficient and effective marketing outcomes.


Via CYDigital
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

This article discusses the need for planning and budgeting within the marketing sector. As stated earlier in the discussion "It’s the approach you take to achieve your marketing objectives. It should be followed by a business plan. If you want funding: write a business plan. If you want to pitch a new idea: write a business plan". This quote emphasises the need to plan, plan, plan. You would not go and  implement a new marketing stratgery without giving your proposed idea the once over for the third time to ensure eveything was as you imagined, not to mention discussing with your colleagues? Plannig is an essential part to any business. This allows you to do the required research and take the time to ensure that everything is perfect! Point two in the section Five Steps to Avoid a Marketing Strategy and Planning Disaster" also revisits the need to "ruthlessly evaluate" what worked and what didnt in the past. This is all part of the planning aspect of marketing and proves that there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.


Maka Tuwe's comment, August 22, 2013 5:46 AM
The importance of a budget when it comes to planning any marketing activity is important as it outlines and gives direction as to how much can be spent. In order to not go over budget or to under estimate how much one needs to spend, there is a need for a budget. This article highlights that it is not just about the budget but it is about the planning that occurs before the budget. Things that have to be taken into consideration when planning a budget is establishing what the business goal is plus evaluating what has worked in the past and what hasn't. As the marketing climate is transforming along with the mindsets of most consumers it is important to evaluate in order to not make a loss.
Alexandra Renall's comment, August 22, 2013 3:53 PM
"Define a marketing strategy based on the needs of today's buyers" - I believe this point is extremely valid. Consumption patterns change every year and to be a successful marketer one must analyse the current purchasing trends. Marketers need to realise that financial markets are still recovering from a recession, therefore people are not buying as many products as they used too. By considering such details, marketers will most likely avoid planning disasters.
Leigh Cowan's curator insight, December 2, 2014 8:02 PM

If your Marketing Planning isn't quite 100%, but needs to be perfect, check out http://j.mp/KOmktgPlans

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Integrated Marketing Communications 101 | Enrollment Builders

Integrated Marketing Communications 101 | Enrollment Builders | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it
Integrated marketing communications (or IMC) incorporates various advertising tools and media channels used within a marketing campaign to maximize success.

Via SooJin Kim, Zongwu Chen, Linda Huynh
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

IMC is all about connecting with your consumers, and the various methods, and techniques used to do so. This articles explores the need to be aware of this and what can be done about it. A point in this article that i found to be particularly relevant and applicable was the fact that "Media is constanly changing." These days, the majority of the world's population has some sort of a connection with a social networking sight, and it would be stupid for a marketer and business not to use this to their advantage. As stated in this article "When properly executed, an integrated marketing communication plan helps ensure that all your communications are working together and linked to a common business goal." Using media and social networking is a simple and effective method of doing this as it enables you to gain an insight into peoples personal lives and use this to your advantage, you can then develope and effective plan and achieveable business goal from this.


CHEN SUN's comment, August 22, 2013 6:17 AM
Well this is a really nice article reminds us of basic things need to consider when carrying out IMC strategies. It tells us the features of market, media and consumers which are three main and most important components in IMC like PR and marketing campaign. It also shows the importance of IMC because it is more efficient and can better communicate with consumers. At the end the author listed four tips to improve IMC but i believe the most important one is to know who you potential customers are because this can increase potential profits.
Analay Malamala's comment, August 22, 2013 6:46 AM
Good insights Shino, this article provides tips in which brands and companies should utilise for their own benefit, I do think that the different levels of management and areas within the business also need to take these tips and concepts as a resource for better ways in which they communicate and how to maximise and achieve their goals. You make very valid points Shino in your insights and I completely agree that IMC is consumer centric because without effective IMC practices and process, consumers would not exist. good read! good insight!
Linda Huynh's comment, August 22, 2013 3:17 PM
I would definitely agree on how this article defines the meaning of imc and how it should be used. Many businesses these days needs to consider the involvement and communication with consumers with such tools as the social media, via Facebook, Youtube and other blogging sites. Acknowledging consumers opinions when asked, advertising n billboards and doing surverys will increase consumer satisfaction. Having more satisfied consumers, produce more loyal consumers who will spread their opinions to others abou tthis great business, which then expand and lead to great success. Intergrated marketing communication, is an act of communication engaging one with another, involving a business or a brand. Allowing consumers to be together and creating an experience is a great influence in creating a core image and message of the brand in which the marketer is trying to gather and establish.

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow

Developing Effective Marketing Communication Mix | eHow | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it
If you are contemplating a mix of marketing communications tools then you likely realize that using a variety of communications techniques can be more effective than using a "one-size-fits-all" strategy.

Via Duchon Filipo
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

This article emphasises the need to create an effective marketing mix and that one size no longer fits all. There are many steps that should be followed and taken to create a succesful marketing stratergy. I found a very valid point in this article to be that of "Create your key message points. These are the most essential points that you need to communicate to your audience members." In marketing, it is important that you are portraying a consistent message to your potential and current consumers as the image and message that you are giving will either be one they are in favour of or not in favour of and this creates brand loyalty.

Georgia Mackay's comment, September 26, 2013 1:08 AM
Duchon, I think that it is definitely important to define the target market and to establish the right communication channels. For example, imagine selling a toy to a younger target market, such as fourteen year olds, and marketing it through channels such as television at midnight, or using promo girls out at night clubs? It is incredibly important that the channels used are appropriate.
Jordan Smith's comment, September 26, 2013 3:59 AM
This article gives a good overview of how a range of communication techniques can be far more effective than just one. I think one of the most important points mentioned is number 3 “identify your apertures” as this will lead to opportunities to target your audience more effectively. The example of using an airline to reaching travelling business executives, as they are most likely to be using these airline services. Therefore truly understanding your audience will ultimately lead you to come up with marketing opportunities.
Alexandra Leeming's comment, September 26, 2013 8:21 AM
Identification of your target market is important for effective communication mixes because as the article puts it, one size does not always fit all. I think this is a very good point raised because to be successful you need to appeal to your target market, and all target markets vary. Another point is that you cannot rely on just one communication media as this is not always enough. There needs to be a mix that is fully integrated and communicating the same message in order to lower the chances of confusion and create repetition in the consumers mind which will ultimately increase brand awareness. Including multiple media into your communication mix also increases the chances of your target market being exposed to the brand, increasing reach. To successfully choreograph all the media, strategic plans are important and help marketers keep track of what is currently out in the media and the results they are achieving.
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Give your Direct Mail Campaign a Boost – 7 Tips to Make it Work for You

Give your Direct Mail Campaign a Boost – 7 Tips to Make it Work for You | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it
We talk a lot about email marketing and other forms of electronic marketing, because that’s our primary focus.

Via OneIMS
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

This article again, discusses the importance of not overlooking direct mail marketing as a way of enticing and engaging new customers. In today's modern world, many businesses are so caught up in the fact that the younger generation is on the web that they forget about the older demographic. I think that tip number 1 in this article is very relevant. They discuss how "The most important tip to remember for any kind of marketing idea is to know your audience. The message should be targeted specifically to your audience to have the best effect." This point emphasizes how important it is to know who you are aiming your marketing schemes at and how by not just sticking to one audience, your organization or company can benefit greatly.

Richard Ott's comment, May 9, 2013 8:20 PM
i liked this too....very simple and direct. Its good to see that all of the articles on this topic follow the principles they preach. All i have read have been clear, focused, relevant and to the point. I think this is the best part about our scoop it activity is that we are being 'forced' to actually read about some of the changes in technology from a marketing perspective, and we are learning about the steps and how to implement and measure the effectiveness of IMC campaigns, without it simply being from a text book!
MakanakaTuwe's comment, September 25, 2013 10:35 PM
This article speaks the truth in the sense that it informs the reader that although technology is great and marketing via the web is a cheaper and sometimes faster option, traditional marketing is also a good idea.
Alexandra Renall's comment, September 26, 2013 3:30 AM
I completely agree with the author when he states "Once you've decided to use direct mail as a marketing tool, you obviously want to make it as successful as possible." Sending physical mail is becoming more and more expensive, therefore a marketer must make sure the direct mail marketing strategy will generate a return on investment. The follow-up point is very important. Evidently, marketers should not bombard their target audience with mail, yet they must make sure the message has definitely been received.
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Consumers Embrace Social Media for Brand Engagement, AR Poised to Grow, and More | Social Media Today

Consumers Embrace Social Media for Brand Engagement, AR Poised to Grow, and More | Social Media Today | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it
New Year

Via Callum Sweeney
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

Social Media is such an influential method of marketing in the present day, it would be silly for a business not to use it to their advantage. This article discusses the importance of adapting to the social media of today and using it to communicate and engage with customers. " Forty-five percent of respondents who use social networks have interacted with a brand via social media in the last three months." This quote emphaises the impact that social media has on the world today and how currently, a large majority of people are using social media to interact with brands as opposed to searching their websites or even going into their stores. Another valid point raised in this articles is the fact that it is all very well to have a social media page to interact with your customers, but you then must respond. I have had personel experience with this where I had asked a question, the administration did not get back to me and so i just left it.


Cen Xun's comment, September 26, 2013 3:40 AM
good article, its explained the important role which social media played for communicate with customer and in a marketing strategy.
Emily Zhang's comment, September 26, 2013 5:27 AM
This article effectively analysis the importance of IMC in a marketing strategy. Nowadays, social media has become the most effective trend to create consumers' loyalty and trust. Most companies used it as a communication tool to deal with customer; thus social media can also affect the customer's decision making.
Norman Vaz's curator insight, September 26, 2013 8:40 PM

This article talks about why social media is vitally important in todays business world. The article stated that consumers are more likely to trust the brand if they have some sort of social media sight. In my opinion this is true as in todays technological world everybody believes in social media.

Scooped by Chelsea-Rae Dawson

15 Businesses to Admire for Consistent, Stellar Branding

15 Businesses to Admire for Consistent, Stellar Branding | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it

Look at 15 brands that have figured out how to have consistently stellar branding across all of their marketing assets.

Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

When purchasing a product, more often than not we wil go back to the brands we know and trust. Take Subway for example. When purchasing my sub, I will always choose the same bread, meat, cheese and fillings. Why? Because I know exactly what I am getting and that I can rely on them to be tastey and worth every cent. I would not go out of my comfort zone for risk of perhaps not liking my sub and therefore wasting my money. This article explores the need for a positive brand image. As stated in the article "Customers stay loyal to brands when they feel comfortable and in sync with them -- it becomes a relationship." I find this statment very true, as stated in my example above, I know that I am able to trust Subway! The need to build a reliable and postive brand is a necesity in any marketing and business stratergy and will ensure you are able to build a healthy relationship with your customers so they come back for more.


Jordan Smith's comment, August 22, 2013 5:14 AM
This article gives some great example of brands that have managed to make their brands stand out through IMC. I definitely agree that content and communication with consumers, is an essential part of what makes a consumer continue to use a brand this can be seen right through from packaging to the way in which employees engage with customers. How transparent a brand appears to be can also play a factor in whether or not a consumer chooses to stay loyal, a lot of these brands mentioned below have played on this for example Lush which produce organic beauty products, they use a “natural” theme in their packaging which is simple and basic as they as seen as having a “no frills” approach which is all part of communicating their key message of producing organic products.
German Grebenyuk's comment, August 22, 2013 6:50 PM
Yeah, it’s interesting how the article actually draws connections between being attracted to people’s personalities and brands’ personalities. I think it is indeed a lot easier to attract and engage consumers, create a pleasant experience if a brand’s personality reminds them of their friends or partner.
Aleisha Snell's comment, August 23, 2013 12:15 AM
I like how this article shows how different businesses gain emotional responses from their consumers. I agree with Melika and how she mentions that 'like personal relationship consumers are looking for certain characteristics within a brand.' this is a valid point and it shows that the marketers of companies actually need to be in the eyes of their consumers/target group in order to affectively get the positive emotional responses - by receiving a positive response then other marketing techniques will be enforced- for example; word of mouth. Businesses would be better off keeping the existing happy consumers as opposed to trying to pick up new consumers.
Scooped by Chelsea-Rae Dawson

12 insights on the emotional marketing revolution from Seth Godin

12 insights on the emotional marketing revolution from Seth Godin | Emotional Responses in Marketing | Scoop.it
Want to learn from one of the best social media marketers and business leaders?
Chelsea-Rae Dawson's insight:

This article has many good and relevant points in relation to emotional responses in marketing in this day in age.  The points that I found I agreed with the most were 4 and 11. Point 4 talks about the importance of relating and resonating to your audience and telling them what they want to hear. If you can connect with your client on a personal level I believe you are one step ahead of the competition. Point 11 states “The fast-growing public or private companies who have made a huge impact in the last five years (e-Bay, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon), are built around connecting tribes. Connecting people who share a passion and interest. All human beings want to feel like we are a part of something.” This opinion in my opinion is one of the most valid. As humans, we all want to feel as though we belong, if we can achieve a sense of belonging for our consumers from a business marketing perspective we can build a lasting relationship.


Alexandra Renall's comment, August 16, 2013 3:43 AM
I most definitely agree with Chelsea when she says “If you can connect with your client on a personal level you are one step ahead of the competition.” If a brand synchronizes with a consumer’s personal identity, the consumer is more likely to institute a brand connection. In order to engage with a consumer on a personal level, one must identify what consumer group they belong in. Once this is achieved, a marketer can later establish what might motivate, inspire and drive that specific consumer. The article above enforces this idea by mentioning that marketing professionals should strive to “highlight and cater to small groups of people who care desperately.” By categorising members of the public, one will one be able to effectively engage emotionally with their target audience. For example, one of Coke’s main target markets is young people. This target market associates strongly with the branding ideals of “fun” and “happiness.” As a result, they are likely to purchase the Coke product as such characteristics resonate with their personal identity.
Jordan Smith's comment, August 22, 2013 5:30 AM
This article gives a good overview of how emotional marketing in particular the role in plays in social media. Number one I think is very important as “connection to people” is crucial especially brands and organisations as consumers need to feel as though they can trust this brand. In today’s world not only are we confronted with the option to engage with multiple brands therefore it is essential for a brand to make a connection with a consumer, as this helps form feelings of trust and contributes to building brand equity. I also agree with number two as it makes a good point about “highlighting and catering to small groups of people who care desperately ”, as even though you can have millions of page likes not everyone will be engaging with this social media site, however those who do care will actively participate in conversation and are most likely your loyal customers