Techno Punditry with Data - Data Mining | Emotional Intelligence |

There are plenty of techno pundits out there who are on a mission and rarely dip in to data to determine if reality is or is not cooperating with them. From the outside, one has to be somewhat creative to get at data that reflects consumer trends, but not that creative.

Below is the graph from Google Trends (Google Insights; a great tool) that shows search behaviour (let's call that consumer interest) around some key Microsoft product terms.

What does it suggest? If we use xbox (green) as a baseline (xbox is the best selling gaming console on the planet and the companion of the kinect, the world's fastest selling piece of consumer electronics ever) we might imagine that we see searching around windows 8 (blue) to exceed interest in xbox. Interest in lumia is approaching that in bing and microsoft surface is clearly showing an uptick with now obvious down turn.

Via Metrinomics