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Rescooped by Marc Gobé from design exhibitions

Musée des arts et métiers | Design revolution

Musée des arts et métiers | Design revolution | Emotional Branding | Scoop.it

Paris | 04.06.2013 -16.06.2013

"An exhibition presenting the work of a select group of international designers from France, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United States, Switzerland and Belgium as part of the designer's days paris program (June 4th - 9th). Curated by élodie palasse-leroux, the pieces on show will either have been specially commissioned for this occasion, or are being presented in france for the first time--the prototypes and realized objects range from a solar powered lantern by alain gilles, to a device by mathieu lahanneur which explores the potential applications of micro-energy, to furniture and textile designs."


Via Centre de Documentació del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
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Rescooped by Marc Gobé from sustainable architecture

Floating Light Park Skyscraper Uses Solar Power & Helium to Hover Above Beijing

Floating Light Park Skyscraper Uses Solar Power & Helium to Hover Above Beijing | Emotional Branding | Scoop.it

Light Park is a skyscraper that hovers over the streets of Beijing like a giant airship. Architects Ting Xu and Yiming Chen have conceived the future of high-rises to be a conglomerate of mega-structures that make up for the shortage of urban open spaces on the ground by lifting them up in the air.

The Light Park skyscraper is lifted off the ground with a helium-filled balloon, and it uses solar energy for propulsion, enabling it to function as a non-polluting transportation deck as well as a floating urban park. The technology is based on existing helium balloon designs, using solar-powered propellers, airbags and atmospheric pressure for takeoff and cruise flight. Solar power is utilized to power the uses below, with translucent solar panels located on the top of the aircraft. In order to avoid additional weight and decrease wind resistance, the skyscraper uses a cable-suspended structure to attach the slabs to the mushroom-like cap. The planting slabs are irrigated with rainwater collected on the large cap surface and are distributed in a way which allows maximum exposure to sunlight on each level...

Via Lauren Moss
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Daaamnnn :O 

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Rescooped by Marc Gobé from sustainable architecture

5 Examples of Sustainable Roof Design Strategies

5 Examples of Sustainable Roof Design Strategies | Emotional Branding | Scoop.it

As we move further into the early years of the 21st century, there is a growing consciousness of the need to create more sustainable systems to maintain our society.

Natural resources have for too long been exploited and utilized with little regard for posterity. Our cities and towns require large amounts of outside support, but there are many minds coming together to develop new plans and techniques to revitalize our civilization and reduce our environmental impact. One of the major trends leading this movement is to create change from the top down, and make our rooftops pull their weight ecologically and economically.

Via Lauren Moss
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Los números no mienten, la temperatura del aire puede bajar con techos verdes

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