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The Career Secrets

The Career Secrets | Emerging Jobs In Social Media | Scoop.it
Career Secrets, Career Guidance and Legit Money Making ways through affiliate marketing of Clickbank and Amazon.
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How to avoid mistakes in a Career search

How to avoid mistakes in a Career search | Emerging Jobs In Social Media | Scoop.it

Career decision making guidelines which helps to avoid making mistakes while doing a career search. Follow these and guide your career in right path.

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Mumtaz Hussain's insight:

Career search is a significant element of realizing your dreams. Sometimes why people cannot land a job is because of the blunders they make in trying to get one. It is vital for a job seeker to do his career search efficiently as mistakes may result in some grievous penalty. In order to avoid making mistakes, it is important to learn the mistakes that many job seekers commit.

Yes, you cannot be perfect so the least that you can do is be conscious with how you carry out your career search. Evaluate yourself and check which of your strategies pulls you down. So learn about these mistakes and correct them:

Limiting Oneself to One Type of Career Job Experience

Why limit yourself to one particular career job? Many job seekers who started working with a particular job place will refuse to check out other job place that they can otherwise apply for on their career search. So try to send your application to different companies to give yourself wider career options and a better chance to actually get a job.

Using Only One Search Medium for Career Search

Do not depend on just one medium for career info or career search. Try your best to harness all the resources presented to you. Do you know that only about 15-20% of job opportunities are found online? Most of the job hiring  written in sign boards, newspapers or are just passed by mouth? So what can you do? Try following to help you with your career search;

    Use your Networks of Former Co-Workers    Former Employers    Professors    FriendsDo Research about the Company

If you are looking for some career opportunities then researching about the company and the place is very essential. It will not only help you in answering the questions during the interview but also important in understanding the job that you are applying for.

Avoid Personal Likes and Dislikes in Resume

Many people make the error of building  resume based on their personal liking.  The most suitable technique to write a résumé is to write it with your potential employer in mind. Remember these points in your mind when applying for a career job;

    How the employer will see your résumé?    Does your résumé tell everything the potential employer needs to read?    Have you mentioned the qualifications that relate to the job you are applying for?Wrong Impressions to the Interviewer

You are assessed and judged by the interviewer during the interview.So avoid sending negative impressions to your interviewer. Following points may help you in sending good impression on your potential boss and to drive your career in right path;

 Dress up properly Use good Perfume Have fresh Shave and shower Cut Your Fingernails Maintain Basic Hygiene Avoid Slouching Have an eye contact with the interviewer Confidently answer the questions Avoid jiggling

These are the mistakes that you usually make in your career search; try your best to avoid them. There is no excuse for errors when you do your career search. Follow the career info tips given above and you will certainly be victorious in your job search!

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How to Gain Subscribers Without Buying Email Lists

How to Gain Subscribers Without Buying Email Lists | Emerging Jobs In Social Media | Scoop.it
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