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MIchaela Peck's insight:

Leah’s in tales her to work in confines spaces using heavy noisy equipment. Within this occupation hazard I have chosen a website that explains what a confines space is. The different hazards involved in prevention and control for the risk, it goes on to explain other controlled procedures.


As stated above this website talks about what is a confined space. To give a little idea from the website, they state that a confined space is a enclosed or in particular enclosed spaces with


Is at atmosphere pressureIs not intended or designed primarily as a plan of work

The website also goes on to say why some hazards actually happen, for example they


The confined spaces are not recognized due to inadequate trainingNo hazard/ risk assessment made

It also talks about the hazards in a workplace when working in confined spaces, for example the contents substance may give off toxic or contribute gases and or displace available oxygen. It then looks at ways to prevent and control them, such as trained person should assess the whole before work is to be commenced in the confined spaces. I personally believe this website it guaranteed to help Leah when working in a enclosed spaces. This website is very beneficial to not only her but people that work in a confined space. 

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Manual handling

Manual handling | QUEST 3 |
Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries.
MIchaela Peck's insight:

Within Leah’s workforce she is required too lift heavy amount of equipment and place them at heights that  have the potential to cause serve injury if at full stretch. With further research and to investigate my self I was able look at a website that will give correct information on the risk of lifting excessive amount of heavy equipment and ways that you can lift things if you really need too. The first section of the website gives an idea of what Leah must take into consideration when lifting heavy equipment ( these are only some ideas)

-       The individual capability

-       - the nature of the load

-       Environment conditions

-       Training

-       Work organization

The website also goes on and explains how to lift something and the different ways to make it ways , example – making sure the load is held close to your chest when bring it up from the ground, bending at the back and having straight knees. They believe and so do I this will reduce injuries for Leah.  I personally believe if Leah was to read this article she will understand the dangers of lifting something incorrectly and then be able to understand way on how to lifting something correctly. This will benefit not only her but other workers in her workforce as she will be able to explain the different ways of lifting equipment.  This is a critical procedure in Leah’s work force and needs to be really enforced to lesson the chances of injuries.


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Sexual harassment | Australian Human Rights Commission

Sexual harassment | Australian Human Rights Commission | QUEST 3 |
Sexual harassment disproportionately affects women with 1 in 5 experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace at some time. However, 1 in 20 men also report experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace.[1]
MIchaela Peck's insight:

Leah is a 24 year old female working in a male dominant force, and it is very important for her to have a full understanding of the sexual harassment law to insure her safety. Through research I was able to find a important website that I believe will benefit Leah’s understanding of what the actually sexual harassment law is all about. The website is a government based website that breaks the understanding down so that Leah’s knowledge is broadened, The reason that I recommend this website is because it has a number of different sections such as

-       what sexual harassment is

-       indentifying sexual harassment

-       in what circumstance sexual harassment is unlawful


The website goes into depth on what sexual harassment is for example it states that sexual harassment is

-       Staring or leaning

-       Insults or taunts

-       Sending sexual explicit emails


The Australia rights commission act gives information to help, people such as Leah and makes them more aware of what this exactly is. The website also gives Leah and of how she can put in complaints about sexual harassment and where she can lodge them. This website really looks after the health and safety aspect of Leah as she is working in a male dominate workforce. With reading of this credited website Leah will defiantly bordering her knowledge of the understanding of sexual harassment and how she can deal with it. 

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From Med School to Patient Care, Social Media is Changing Things Up in the Healthcare Industry

From Med School to Patient Care, Social Media is Changing Things Up in the Healthcare Industry | QUEST 3 |
With nearly 75 percent of American adults using at least one social network—half of whom belong to more than one—there is no doubt that social media has had a huge impact on society. In the medical profession, social media has traditionally been used on the client side, for comparing notes on a physician or medical office. Now social media is being used in ways that help medical professionals interact with patients, promote healthy living, and increase the overall quality of care.Social Media in Medical EducationMed school has changed over the years. Cadavers have been replaced by virtual autopsies and students can achieve most of a medical degree through online studies. Social media has taken a foothold in education and studies are showing that this is a good thing. According to an article published in the Journal of The Association of American Medical Colleges, medical educators are seeing a 71 percent increase in study engagement, and a 36 percent increase in student-professor interactions because of social media use. Medical schools are capitalizing on this phenomenon by offering students educational credit for online education within cyber-communities.Patient-Centered CertificationFor a provider to be certified as a Patient-Centered Medical Home through the United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a provider needs to give educational resources and advice to at least 50 percent of patients on implementing healthy lifestyles, according to the NCBI. Medical providers are taking to social media to do this. Instead of mailing out costly brochures, providers are creating Facebook pages on which they give guidelines for a healthy lifestyle and participate in conversations about specific medical conditions. This demonstrates a patient-centered environment, and acts as a good marketing platform for the physician.Health CommunitiesIn the world of cybersecurity, some medical professionals do not want to take the risks associated with direct patient communication. The Facebook page for the Internet security firm Lifelock is full of risk information and suggestions associated with Internet fraud. Some medical professionals have opted to use social media to create health communities around specific conditions and topics. This allows the respondent the option of being anonymous and gives the medical provider a barrier to Internet-related security or privacy risks.ResearchAt its most fundamental, social networks are simply formats for the transfer of data. Anywhere there is data, there will be research. If a social network is a collection of complex connections between people, where the nodes represent individuals and the associations between them show a variety of different social interactions, life scientists can use social networking to glean understanding of people’s medical behaviors and beliefs. According to Science Direct, factors like weight control triggers, smoking behaviors, and variations in grief can be analyzed through social media interactions. This wide use of social media means that the data will be robust, as it will have large sample sizes and a variety of demographics.
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Working at Heights - OHS Hazards - Health, Safety and WorkCover - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Working at Heights
MIchaela Peck's insight:

Leah’s job may not exactly entitle her to hang from trees, but it does mean to place signs up on uneven ground using a ladder. These may not be the only example of what Leah does , but it is very common in her workforce. The website above is one I believe that will help give an understanding of the dangers and risk Leah puts her self into on a regular basis and how she can avoid these situation. For example the website looks at the use of power tools at height ( what Leah uses when putting up a sign)



-       Uneven surfaces

-       Pedestrian traffic

-       Windy and weather

-       Overhead structure (tree branches, power line )



The website then goes onto  look at the different ways you can go about it to make it a safer place to work. The website looks at identifying work activities where a fall hazard may exist. It relating this back to council this could be when they are replacing a sign at height and they are on uneven ground, which may cause harm to them. They go on to give advice too on duties that may apply when working at 2 m or higher. This website in particular gives a great understanding of what risks that could be involved when working at heights. The website also gives ideas that would help Leah at opening her mind to what the risks are and how she could avoid getting hurt, This website has further links is she was interested in gathering more information. I believe if Leah followed this website she will be assisted in managing the occupational health and safety issue. 

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MIchaela Peck's insight:

Leah is a young 24-year-old female working in a male dominated industry. Leah first started working in the council when she was only 17 years old, freshly out of school. She was lucky enough to get a job as a trainee and has slowly but surely worked her way up to becoming a supervisor of her truck. Leah’s main job Is to maintain the upper caboolture and morayfield area. Some of her tasks include repairing signs at heights, cleaning drains in confined spaces, working on closing roads and setting up particular functions. In my last scoop it, I touched on the dangers of cleaning out a drain and how it could affect her.


So I could get a better understanding of what Leah’s jobs entitle are and see what her understanding is on Occupational health and safety, I decided to look at some of the different dangers she faces on a day to day bases and ways I could go about preventing them and also broadening her knowledge. In our mission we are asked to gather a reliable source and add our insight on how that certain website will benefit her in the long run. The Five occupational health and safety aspects that I decided to focus on was

1-    Looking at the of working on or near a machinery

2-    Sexual harassment

3-    Lifting heavy equipment

4-    Working at heights

5-    Working in confined spaces




*under each heading is the link to access the website that I believe ill help Leah with the occupational health and safety issues found above. The information for each section is from these website*




The website that I have chose looks at the key principles of machinery and equipment safety. The website will give Leah and understanding of what the risks and chances of risk are when working with machinery. For example it says: possible mechanical hazards: consider:


-       Machinery and equipment moving that can be reached by people.

-       Mobile machinery and equipment, such as pallet jacs, earth moving equipment, operated increase where people may gain access.


The website also gives insight to no mechanical hazards when working with machinery for example: dust , explosives flammable atmosphere noise. The website also will help Leah by giving them an idea on ways/ recommendation on how she can deal with working in situations as this. I believe that this website will help Leah gain a better understanding of different way to avoid being injured by a moving machine when working with it. The website goes into further details on different ways to avoid injury, I believe for Leah to widen her knowledge she should read and take notes from this website. 

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THE Different OHS

MIchaela Peck's insight:

















WHO- council worker

WHERE- Caboolture area

DESCRIPTION- cleaning out a drain that is full of rubbish

RISK- As it is in a public place and is near drainage the risk of needle pricks are very common. As the workers have too use there hands and shovels and some times are not aware of the dangers the chances of them being pricked are quite high.

DECREASING THE CHANCES OF RISK-  To be able to make this a safer working place, the workers could put on thick gloves, and also only use the shovels to avoid the chances of them getting pricked.

DISCUSSION-The risk between paramedics and the council are very similar. As discussed in the above paragraphs we are talking about the chances of being pricked with a needle. These needle could be emerging from the drain( council) and also pricking your self after injecting a patient ( paramedics) . Needle pricks are something very dangerous that has the potential to put someone life on hold or cause mentally and emotional harm to not only them but their family for 6 months or longer.  The risks for both can be reduced by using protective equipment and also by being immunized and continue to have your immunizations up to date. As both fields have been made aware of the risk in regards to needles they have also been given protective equipment to wear that will limit the risk as much as possible. 























WHO- child care worker

Where- sunshine coast

Description- mopping the floors at the center with no sign

RISK- The risk is that someone might not see the wet floor and as there is no signage out slip over and cause server injuries too them self.

DECREASE THE CHANCES OF RISK- ways they could decrease the chances of risk would be placing a wet floor sign out in view of people walking over the floor at the time, this then makes it clear that the floor is wet and they must be careful when walking.

DISCUSSION- comparing this to my chosen field being paramedics it can be looked at in a similar way. When not having a wet floor sign out it increases the risk of someone falling over and hurting them selves. It also decreases the chances of people getting sued and so forth. But when a paramedics are attending to a call out they are usually made aware of a slippery surface, but in some cases if they are not made known to this they could get seriously injured.  Within the paramedic service, they are required to wear non slip shoes to prevent them from slipping and causing harm to them self’s an there patient that they could be carrying at the time.  This can be seen to be used at the same as the wet floor sign, the are putting things out to prevent the risk from happening as much as possible, because as we all no a risk will always be there its just the way people go about it to prevent it from happening in the worst possible way. 
















WHO- working with disabilities and criminals trying to find a job

WHERE- sunshine coast

DESCRIPTION- Above is a picture of a person holding a alarm, so that if she is in danger she presses the alarm and it notifies the police so that there is help on the way

RISK- When working by her self and the batteries going in the alarm, it places risk to her being harmed and no one realizing that this is happening.

DECREASE THE CHANCES OF RISK- making sure the batteries are changed every three months will allow the risk to be lessoned.

DISCUSSION- There is not many jobs that the paramedics attend to that are dangerous and there is no police in attendance. But when paramedics are sent out there, they are required to make contact in regards to if they need back up  and the status of the patient. If the control center has not heard anything from them within a certain amount of time police are generally sent out to investigate the problem. Majority of contact it made through radio, if the radio are flat, it could cause great problem for the paramedics. So to compare both of these job you are able to see that batteries are a major factory in safety within these jobs. Within both of these jobs if the batteries were checked on a regular base it will limit the risk for both jobs too least possible way. 























WHO – A truck driver

WHERE- In Rockhampton

Description-  This photo shows that the driver of the truck is loading cars at a dangerous level

RISK- The risk in this work place is that the driver is placed in dangerous positions, for example hanging of the side of the trailer whilst leaning over to strap a car on can cause them to slip and fall a great height.

DECREASE THE CHANCS OF RICK- ways to decrease the chances of risk would be having a harness that they must gook them self’s too when strapping cars on, this will limit the chances of them falling a great distance.

DISCUSSION- It is not hard to compare the difference between paramedics being stuck is dangerous situation, for example working with a car that has the possibility to roll over a cliff, to a truck driver hanging of the edge of a trailer to strap a car down. There are many ways that can prevent the risk from both happening, as stated above a truck driver can prevent from falling of the edge by having some sort of harness so they are strapped to a car. In cases when a paramedics is dealing with a car near a cliff they are usually using a harness or the car is stable enough and it held in some sort of place so that the chances of it rolling it little witch reduces the risk. 




























WHO-  Michaela peck playing rugby league

WHERE- sunshine coast

DESCRIPTION-  playing a contact sport against people twice the size of her.

RISK- her injuring her self in any parts of her body from the contact she receives

DECREASE THE CHANCES OF RISK-  her being shown the right techniques to be able to land properly or tackle correctly.

DISCUSSION- Paramedics can be related back to anything as everything has a similar health and safety issues. Within the game of rugby league many injuries can happen, for example injury to the neck, back or any limbs. This can also be the same when it comes to paramedics, in the sense of lifting. If the paramedics aren’t taught the correct way to lift patience that may weigh double there weight, they could hurt them selves in many ways. This is the same when it comes to rugby league, if players aren’t taught the correct way to tackle, then they injury them selves in different ways. So ways to eliminate this risk would be to teach the right way to protect them selves and not harm them selves when tackling or lifting someone. Once they have managed this less chances of them injuring them selves is higher 

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