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Everyone knows that visa is a prerequisite to fly to another country. It is basically the permit given to you by the particular country allowing your entry in that particular country. To obtain a visa for a specific country is not a very simple and easy thing to do, rather it is very tough and time taking job. There are long queues at the embassies and it might take hours to submit your application. After submission of the application, there may be a whole waiting time while your visa is being processed.


Getting a visa for a country like Australia could be very dodgy. It is definitely not an easy thing. After a hectic process of submission of your visa application, it is also nerve wracking to wait for weeks to hear some news about your application. Sometimes the process takes months and you will be very anxious to know the results of your visa application. But you have no need to worry at all, because fortunately you can follow up your visa application at the Australian embassies.  Now the question is how to follow up? Here is the answer.


Before knowing how to follow up, it is important to know the best time to follow up. The best time to follow up your visa application is after 3 to 4 months of your application submission. It is not necessary, you can follow up just the days after submitting the application but it would not be a good idea as your application might not reach the processing desk yet and at that time the embassy staff would not be able to give you any information about your application. So, wait a while and let your application reach the processing table. Then there will be updates and may be after a period of 3 to 4 months the embassy would automatically send you the updates.


After submission of the application, you are provided with a TIN (transaction identification number) by the embassy. This number is used to locate your documents in the embassy. So, while following up your application, you should have this TIN in your hand. In case, you have lost the number, provide your full name and the other required details to get the information about your application.


The best option is going personally to the embassy for follow up. But, in this busy life, no one will prefer to go personally. Instead, everyone prefers the phone updates. But it could be a costly way to follow up. So you should choose the reliable and the inexpensive way, “the internet”. It is the best and the easiest way. All you have to do is to just provide your TIN and check your application status without any hassle. It is the best way to follow up if you have submitted your application online, but if you have submitted by some other ways then you should go personally or contact by using phone because you may have fewer updates on internet.



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