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I'll type of cell in the entire body but when use for therapy are moral and ethical issues associated with that we all know during the bush administration when they began to talk about that you know there were two lawyers 14 want to games than 10 the issues about them is that the tend to been got from leftover fertilized up hags and that raises issues and of course you know when human fetuses our border embryos pay the state Cassel now they have problems also because they have different DNA from very CPU that's the patient and courses potential rejection and also have a potential for me whose okay and these are usually of the at home hi was they have all different kinds of cells and so there's a tin and obviously impression of the fertilize anger and then divided into for a song and then informs assail have all cells in the blast in our market potential just stem cells basically the company's anything so depending on the environment they find themselves you that they stopped using their selves so they can we use you know cardiac muscle blood cells you name it on the other hand the adult stem cells them I think I'm some snows are found more about our bodies.