Did you know that a quarter of the UK population snore? It may come as a surprising fact but three out of every ten women snore. However, men are actually the bigger snorers, with four out of every ten, making noises in their sleep.

Snoring can be a huge problem, and it can really affect the people that you live with, causing arguments within families, people having to sleep in separate rooms and can even breakdown relationships. Even if you aren’t a snorer, there can still be times when you’re breathing heavily in your sleep. And it becomes more likely the older we get. As your muscle tone reduces, the noise can get worse, causing us to become one of the statistics.

We all know that ear plugs and turning the person on their side can help, but the situation may now be so bad that you are looking for a more permanent snoring prevention treatment.

If it’s just a cold and a blocked nose, then a nasal spray can help ease the congestion. But a mouth guard that pushes the lower jaw forward can be a solution for some people.

A dentist can definitely help and it is worth looking at ones in your local area. However, if you live within the London boroughs or are prepared to travel to the capital, then dental treatment for snoring prevention is recommended. They are specialists within their field and they can help alleviate the problem.

Snoring is not something that can be cured as such but it can be controlled, once the physical reason why it happens is identified. Finding the cause is key to a snoring prevention treatment and by filling out a questionnaire, it can determine whether your snoring problem can be simply eased or whether there is a more serious problem.

A splint can be fitted in a simple case, which is clinically proven to rid you of your noisy snores. The snoring here may be affected from your lifestyle, such as being overweight, where the excess fat around your neck can reduce the airflow, or drinking too much. Alcohol can also affect your muscles, making them relax more than normal. Your palate and tongue vibrate to cause the noise after a night on the booze. Smoking is another culprit as the tobacco irritates your nostrils and throat. But you don’t even have to smoke to suffer, as even passive smoking can cause you to snore.

But the problem could be more serious, where you stop snoring and actually stop breathing for a few seconds before gasping for breath. This is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) which can cause lasting damage, and a referral to a sleep study clinic may be needed.

So generally, if you stick to a good diet, get regular exercise, don’t smoke and watch the amount of alcohol you consume, you may never snore again.


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