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Best Christmas Gift & Ideas for a Smoker | Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews

Best Christmas Gift & Ideas for a Smoker | Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews | Electronic cigarette's | Scoop.it

When we're looking for the best Christmas gift for the ones we love, our minds start spinning with unique Christmas gift ideas that we all hope to fulfill this..

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Can E-Cigarettes Cure America’s $90 Billion Smoking Problem?

Can E-Cigarettes Cure America’s $90 Billion Smoking Problem? | Electronic cigarette's | Scoop.it
It took 30 years for Peter Denholtz to give up smoking. But his nicotine addiction has been much harder to kick. “I’d be jonesing,” Denholtz admits when asked what would happen if he avoided the highly addictive chemical for 24 hours.

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Electronic cigarette's are one of the biggest lifesavers to EVER be invented! I would have NEVER quit my 2 pack a day habbit if it wasn't for this miracle! I really do not know what has happened to this country, but us Americans are so afraid of anything that can have ANY kind of effect (good or bad) the first action anyone takes anymore is BAN IT!  CONTROL IT!  Take away everybody's rights because it's new and were afraid of it! What are your views on this new item?

Firebrand's curator insight, November 20, 2013 2:46 PM

you're dang, right! 

Ejuice To Go's curator insight, December 3, 2013 12:34 PM

Vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes that contain 4,000+ carcinogens. When you switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping an electronic cigarette, you eliminate the 4,000+ deadly carcinogens. Eliquid does contain nicotine but nicotine does not cause cancer!
Many can say "I Quit Smoking - Thanks to Vaping" http://www.ejuicetogo.com/i-quit-smoking-thanks-to-vaping/