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Scooped by Marion Meyerolbersleben

Surviving the e-learning Apocalypse

Surviving the e-learning Apocalypse | elearning | Scoop.it
Surviving the e-learning Apocalypse Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Education category. Check out Surviving the e-learning Apocalypse now! (How to survive the e-learning apocalypse?
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Rescooped by Marion Meyerolbersleben from Educational Technology News

9 Tips To Apply Adult Learning Theory to eLearning

9 Tips To Apply Adult Learning Theory to eLearning | elearning | Scoop.it
Apply Adult Learning Theory to eLearning. Applying Adult Learning Assumptions and Adult Learning Principles to eLearning. Apply Andragogy to eLearning!

Ulrike Grabe's curator insight, August 20, 2014 8:04 AM

Assumption #1 (Self-Concept)
Create learning experiences that offer minimum instruction and maximum autonomy.

Assumption #2 (Adult Learner Experience)
Include a wide range of instructional design models and theories to appeal to varied experience levels and backgrounds.
Assumption #3 (Readiness to Learn)
Utilize social media and online collaboration tools to tie learning to social development.

Assumption #4 (Orientation to Learning)
Emphasize how the subject matter is going to solve problems that an adult learner regularly encounters.
Assumption #5 (Motivation to Learn)
There must be a valid reason behind every eLearning course, module or educational activity.

Principle of Andragogy#1
Adults must have a hand in the design and development of their learning experience.

Principle of Andragogy#2
Experience should be at the root of all eLearning tasks and activities.

Principle of Andragogy #3
Real life applications and benefits must be tied to the eLearning course.

Principle of Andragogy #4
Give adult learners the opportunity to absorb information, rather than memorizing it.