Understanding What’s Involved with Becoming an Egg Donor | Egg Donation UK | Altrui | Scoop.it

The decision to become an egg donor in the UK is not a choice that should be taken without considerable thought. Certainly both the egg recipient and egg donor will want to fully understand all that’s involved with the egg donation process, and how they will both benefit. The woman receiving the egg donation will be receiving the gift of life and the woman donating eggs will be providing a gift that has the potential to change the lives of those involved, forever. 

For this reason there are strict regulations attached for those women who are seriously thinking about donating their eggs. The process can be emotional and time consuming for a short while with a degree of financial compensation for the donor. The process isn’t going to be for every woman out there, which is why you will want to consult with experts that understand the entire process from start to finish. Understanding the egg donation process, the medication involved, and being able to maintain doctor appointments and schedules will be extremely important. 

For the recipient, the process can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Having someone that you will be able to talk with throughout the entire process will be extremely valuable. For more information about the entire process for either the recipient or the donor, contact Altrui today. They have a dedicated team committed to helping women better understand the entire process of egg donation and they are conveniently located here in the UK. If you are seeking answers to questions you have about donating or you are searching for a donor, you can reach Altrui by telephone on 01969 667 875 or you can fill out their online contact form.