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By: Brad Currie and Scott Rocco #Satchat is a great example of the power of social media in the educational realm and the benefit of expanding an educator’s Personal Learning Network (PLN).


The tools of the ever evolving #Satchat discussion are many. During the week Twitter’s direct messaging feature is used by @scottrrocco and @bcurrie5 as they prepare and discuss questions/topics for the upcoming chat. Then a Twitter Poll is used to survey participants about what it is they are interested in discussing during #Satchat. Daily promos are made on Twitter and also by way of an Audioboo .


During the actual chat Twitter for iPad, HootSuite and other Twitter tools enable participants to communicate and get their points across. After the chat Storify is used to archive the chats and make them available to those who participated. A wiki is also maintained by the very talented and co-founder of #NJED Bill Krakower @wkrakower.


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