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How to Use Hangouts in the Classroom

How to Use Hangouts in the Classroom | EFL Teaching Journal | Scoop.it
Here’s a list of some ways to use Google Hangouts in the classroom.

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Great stuff that every teacher should know about.

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Teachers can start using Hangouts simply by setting up a Google+ page and signing up for the Hangout feature. They can conduct virtual classrooms at a number of places; it allows a teacher to teach up to 10 classrooms at the same time. It makes classes interactive and students can ask questions whenever they want. They can use it to connect their classroom with other classrooms or to connect their students with experts across the world, providing them with connected learning experiences. There are many ways in which teachers and students can derive benefits from using Hangouts in the classroom.

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David Birch: Identity without a name | Video on TED.com

David Birch: Identity without a name | Video on TED.com | EFL Teaching Journal | Scoop.it

TED Talks Bartenders needs to know your age, retailers need your PIN, but almost no-one needs your name -- except for identity thieves.

Four Problems

1. Chip and Pin ( there's no reason your name is on the card. The only person who benefits is criminal)

2. Chatrooms and Children (odd paradox if you know who everyone else is but not your real name or you child's real name)

3, Cheerleaders and Clubs ( To kids identities are fluent)

4. What, who  and whistle blowers (If you have to prove who you are you won't tell info)


The Old Paradigm -Identity Card

-he turns to Dr Who's pyschic paper..you see what you want to see but it only shows if it proves what you want..for example psychic paper shows club owner you are proper age..


worth watching!

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