Education As The Great Equalizer Is More Myth Than Reality | Effects of poverty on education |

"'While education has been envisioned as the great equalizer, this promise has been more myth than reality,' conclude Coley and Baker in a new report, Poverty and Education: Finding the Way Forward (ETS, July 2013). This data-rich examination of the relationship between education and poverty, both in the US and how that compares internationally, is yet another solid refuting of shallow slogans— 'poverty is not destiny', 'no excuses'—and the entire accountability era built on policies that do not address well equity—standards and high-stakes testing, charter schools, Teach for America, value-added methods of evaluating teachers. The challenges illustrated in the report represent systemic and structural inequalities that are particularly challenging in the current economic climate. Yet these challenges point the way toward strategies for moderating the influence of poverty on educational outcomes. The report shares strategies for moving forward, as well as notes of caution." | by Paul Thomas

Via Todd Reimer