Polish up your #Resume in less than 15 minutes

Two quick ways to amplify your resume, and to improve your chances of your resume being seen by a human is:


1.  Include the job title of the position you are applying for in your resume.  If at all possible that means that the target position you are applying for should be strategically placed in your resume.  You can accommodate as part of your summary position statement at the top of your resume or place as part of the job experience. 


Hint:  I am not suggesting that you include an objective at the top of your resume or to include a title of a position that you do not have any experience with.  I assume if you are applying for the position, that you would have experience with the job responsibilities:)


2.  Don't just tell me what you did, show me the results!


Action verbs, measures, and numbers are important…so make sure that your resume doesn’t just state what you did – share the results you achieved while in the role!


PS – Live on Purpose!

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