Organiseren met meer wijsheid door Social Presencing Theater
Is jouw organisatie goed in het maken van probleemanalyses en actieplannen, maar heb je het gevoel dat dat soms niet voldoende is om complexe topics te tackelen? Je bent niet de enige. In organisaties wordt steeds vaker belangstellend gekeken naar de toepassing van creativiteit, intuïtie en...
“Minder efficiënt onderwijs is beter onderwijs” –
“Onderwijs is een sector die steeds arbeidsintensiever wordt”, zegt Rutger Bregman. “Daarom moet je er meer en meer geld in pompen.Want als je kwaliteit wil, moet je steeds minder efficiënt gaan werken.”...
Students are Better Off without a Laptop in the Classroom
What do you think they’ll actually use it for?
ClassroomQ Introduction Video
We are two teachers using technology to make the lives of students and teachers easier. Our mission is to create a classroom in which students can easil
The Critical 21st Century Skills Every Learner Needs and Why
Preparing a child for the world that doesn’t yet exist is not an easy task for any teacher. Step back and look at that picture from a broad perspective. What are the critical 21st-century skills…
Presentation Essentials: How to Share Ideas That Inspire Action | Simon Sinek
Make your next presentation unforgettable — and banish fears of public speaking! Learn how to deliver an effective oral presentation with this popular clas
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THNK School of Creative Leadership and Innovation
THNK's executive creative leadership training programs develop commercial, social and corporate entrepreneurs into impactful industry innovation leaders.
How Technology Is Changing the Way People Learn
We can make all sorts of assumptions about the way technology is changing learning, but what does the science actually say? According to Alfred Spector, Google’s vice president of research, it says a lot. For example, virtual tutors have helped average students reach the top 2% of their course; v...
Get Students Thinking Critically About Video
Students need to be active and reactive viewers -- comprehending and critiquing, reading and reacting, getting and giving knowledge. Below you'll find great tools, tips, and strategies for helping to foster both of these essential media-literacy skills.
Schools Need to Include More Visual-Based Learning
When asked what my first language is, I often answer, “visual.” I think in images, prefer to be taught through images, and like to express what I know through images. I find it disconcerting that as learners progress to the higher grades, there is less use of images and visuals to teach concepts.
8 Ways to Use Minecraft in Your Classroom (Now That it’s Free)
There are over 100 million registered Minecraft players and it’s the third-best-­selling video game in history, after Tetris and Wii Sports. The great news, just out this summer: Now it’s free, courtesy of Microsoft. Minecraft Education Edition is designed specifically for classroom use and gives...