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AEDG Abrasive electrodischarge grinding

AEDM Abrasive electrodischarge machining

AFM Abrasive flow machining

AJM Abrasive jet machining

AWJM Abrasive water jet machining

BHN Brinell hardness number

BIS Beam interference solidification

BEDMM Brush erosion dissolution mechanical machining

BPM Ballistic particles manufacturing

C Cutting

CAD Computer-aided design

CAM Computer-aided manufacturing

CAPP Computer-assisted process planning

CBN Cubic boron nitride

CD Chemical dissolution

CHM Chemical milling

CIM Computer-integrated manufacturing

CVD Carbon vapor deposition

CNC Computer numerical control

CW Continuous wave

EBM Electron beam machining

ECAM Electrochemical arc machining

ECB Electrochemical buffing

ECD Electrochemical dissolution

ECDB Electrochemical deburring

ECDG Electrochemical discharge grinding


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xx List of Acronyms

Abbreviation Description

ECDM Electrochemical discharge machining

ECDR Electrochemical drilling

ECG Electrochemical grinding

ECH Electrochemical honing

ECJD Electrochemical jet drilling

ECM Electrochemical machining

ECML Laser-assisted electrochemical machining

ECS Electrochemical superfinishing

EDE Electrodischarge erosion

EDG Electrodischarge grinding

EDM Electrodischarge machining

EDMUS Electrodischarge machining with ultrasonic assistance

EDT Electrodischarge texturing

EEDM Electroerosion dissolution machining

EP Electropolishing

ES Electrostream

FDM Fused deposition modeling

FJ Fluid jet

G Grinding

HAZ Heat-affected zone

HF Hone forming

HIS Holographic interference solidification

IBM Ion beam machining

IJM Ice jet machining

LAE Laser-assisted chemical etching

LAJECM Laser-assisted jet ECM

LAN Local area network

LBM Laser beam machining

LBT Laser beam texturing

LENS Laser engineered net shaping

LOM Laminated object modeling

LTP Liquid thermal polymerization

MAMechanical abrasion

MAF Magnetic abrasive finishing

MJM Multijet modeling

MMC Metal matrix composites

MPEDM Mechanical pulse electrodischarge machining

List of Acronyms xxi

Abbreviation Description

MRR Material removal rate

MS Mechanical scrubbing

MUSM Micro-ultrasonic machining

NC Numerical control

ND-YAG Neodymium-doped yitrium-aluminum-garnet

PAM Plasma arc machining

PBM Plasma beam machining

PCB Photochemical blanking

PCD Polycrystalline diamond

PECM Pulse electrochemical machining

PF Photoforming

PCM Photochemical milling

PM Pulsed mode

RP Rapid prototyping

RUM Rotary ultrasonic machining

SB Shot blasting

SDM Shape deposition manufacturing

SFF Solid free-form fabrication

SFP Solid foil polymerization

SGC Solid ground curing


SLS Selective laser sintering

STEM Shaped tube electrolytic machining

TEM Thermal energy method

US Ultrasonic

USM Ultrasonic machining

USMEC Ultrasonic-assisted electrochemical machining

VRR Volumetric removal rate

WJM Water jet machining

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List of Symbols

Symbol Definition Unit

a tool feed rate mm/min

A atomic weight

A/Z chemical equivalent g

A/Z.F electrochemical equivalent g/C

Ab area of laser beam at focal point mm2

C electrochemical machining constant mm2/s

C/ye metal removal rate per unit area mm/min

Cd diametrical overcut mm

Cl constant depending on material and

conversion efficiency

Cs speed of sound in magnetostrictor material m/s

d CHM undercut mm

D EDM depth mm

D/Lc corner wear ratio mm

D/Le end wear ratio

D/Ls side wear ratio

d/T etch factor

da mean diameter of abrasive particles µm

db beam diameter at contact with

workpiece (slot width) mm

ds spot size diameter mm

dt tool diameter mm

dw produced hole diameter mm

dy/dt workpiece rate of change of position mm/min

E Young’s modulus MPa

_m coefficient of magnetostriction elongation


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xxiv List of Symbols

Symbol Definition Unit

Em magnitudes of magnetic energy

ev number of pulses

Ev vaporization energy of material W/mm3

Ew magnitudes of mechanical energy

F frequency of oscillation Hz

f frequency of changes in magnetic field Hz

F Faraday’s constant C/g per-ion

Fl focal length of lens cm

fp frequency of pulses Hz

fr resonance frequency Hz

g depth of hole required

ge depth of hole removed per pulse mm

gw wheel-workpiece gap

h thickness of material mm

H magnetic field intensity

H0 surface fracture strength BHN

Hrms surface roughness µm

Hw hardness of workpiece material N/mm2

i EDM current A

I electrolyzing current A

Ie beam emission current mA

Ip pulse current A

J current density A/mm-2

K constant

Kh constant µm/µJ

Km coefficient of magnetomechanical coupling

Kp coefficient of loss

l original length of magnetostrictor

L slot length mm

Lc corner wear mm

Le end wear mm

Lp laser power W

Ls side wear mm

m amount of mass dissolved g

n density of target material atoms per cm 3

ne number of pulses

N number of abrasives impacting per unit area

List of Symbols xxv

Symbol Definition Unit

NM relative machinability

P density of magnetostrictor material kg/m3

Pd power density W/cm2

Pr pulse power W

qc specific removal rate for pure metals mm3/(min⋅A)

QECD removal rate of electrochemical dissolution mm3/min

QECG total removal rate in ECG mm3/min

Ql linear removal rate mm/min

QMA removal rate of mechanical abrasion mm3/min

Qv volumetric removal rate mm3/min

R mean radius of grit mm

Ra average roughness µm

Rt maximum peak to valley roughness µm

Rw wear ratio

S static stress on tool kg/mm2

s(q) IBM yield atoms per ion

t machining time min

T CHM depth of cut mm

ti pulse interval µs

tm machining time

tp pulse duration µs

Tr ratio of workpiece to tool electrode

melting points

Tt melting point of tool electrode °C

Tw melting point of workpiece material °C

U mean velocity

V gap voltage V

V(q) etch rate atoms per min/

mAcm 2

Va beam accelerating voltage kV

Ve volume of electrode consumed mm3

Vg grinding wheel penetration speed mm3/min

VRR material removal rate mm3/min

Vs machining rate mm2/min

Vw volume of workpiece removed mm3

Vw / Ve volume wear ratio

W pulse energy µJ

xxvi List of Symbols

Symbol Definition Unit

Wt wear rate of tool mm3/min

x, y, z workpiece coordinates mm

y gap length mm

Y amplitude of vibration mm

ye equilibrium gap mm

Z workpiece valence

Greek symbols

a beam divergence rad

g current efficiency of dissolution process %

∆l incremental length of magnetostrictor

∆T pulse duration of laser s

∆v polarization voltage V

e chemical equivalent weight

k electrolyte conductivity Ω−1 ⋅mm−1

l wavelength

n velocity of abrasive particles m/s

r density of anode material g/mm3

ra density of abrasive particles g/mm3

re density of electrolyte

drilling rate


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