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Stay Up to Date
Assignments and Exams keep you focuses on important tasks, while the calendar keeps it all in perspective.

Take class notes to a new level! With fully revisioned note taking capabilities, you'll never lose a thing. Be Informed
Custom reminders keep you in check and let you know about that midterm you have in 15 minutes. It's all Free
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See all of your information at a glance

1) See your overdue and upcoming assignments and exams 2) See all of your classes and your current average 3) See any recent notes or files that have been posted
See all of your overdue, upcoming and completed assignments & exams

1) Displays all of your upcoming and overdue assignments 2) Displays all of yrou completed assignments and grades
Never miss an assignment or test again

1) Add reminders on a 15 minute increment, sent by email or sms or both! 2) Manage reminders per assignment or exam
Keep your notes tidy and organized

1) Easily view note details without having to flip through multple pages 2) Note revisions allow you to never lose any note changes 3) Notes are Markdown enabled, so you can type more efficiently
At-a-glance view of all your assignments & exams

1) Easily see all of your assignments & exams 2) iCal export is fully supported
Attach files to asignments & exams for easy retrieval later

1) See all of the files posted your classes 2) Upload any type of files: pdf, jpg, you name it 3) Easily download and track your files

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