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If you follow marketing and digital related blogs and news sites, then it won’t come as a surprise to you that marketing professionals and CMOs are expected to show how activity achieves business results.




Inbound marketing

I have included general traffic stats, conversions by campaigns, conversions by demographics, conversions by social or mobile channels (inbound source). By building an understanding of how the visitor behaves, and how they engage with your organization early on in the funnel, you will be able to use the insight to improve your communication and personalize how you present content.


Content performance

In this sector of the dashboard, you can get more in depth in understanding the impact the content has on your business. Display your top performing campaigns and content pieces and make sure that the view can also display demographics so that you can get an instant snapshot of who is engaging with your content, and which content generates the highest number of marketing qualified leads (MQL).


Generated business opportunities

The basic instep covers the following metrics:  total number of leads, total number of anonymous and known leads and total number of marketing qualified leads.


Make sure that you can slice these by region and/or industry, all depending on how your sales organization is set up. The metrics should match the interest of the person looking at the dashboard.


The next step is qualification, so the data might not be 'owned' by you anymore, but you will still benefit from being able to show how many of your MQL leads became Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).


The final graph that I would add to this segment of the dashboard is marketing’s contribution to pipeline revenue and display this alongside total pipeline.



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