Top 10 Teacher Tools for Digital Curation | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning | Educators as Curators |
This is my fourth year in educational blogging with more than 4000 posts published here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This learning journey I embarked on a few years ago has been really rewarding in terms of building a powerful community of teachers and educators from whom I have learned a great deal of things. I am really so thankful to everyone of you for giving this chance to connect with you and learn from each other. The more educational web tools I review and the more posts I write here everyday the better I become at finding, managing, and sharing digital content; in short, the skillful I become at digital curation. In today's post I am sharing with you some of my favourite web tools I often use to curate digital content. I am hoping these selections would help you enjoy your browsing experience way better than you used to be. Click headline to read more and access hot links to the ten tools--