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Educational Technology, Web 2.0, and Tips to Teach Amazing!

Educational Technology, Web 2.0, and Tips to Teach Amazing! | Educational tools |
Teach Amazing - educational technology, edtech, web 2.0, and tips to teach amazing!

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TeachHUB - Video Writing Prompts

TeachHUB - Video Writing Prompts | Educational tools |

Weekly prompts using engaging videos on current events & student-tailored topics, for journal & writing activities your students will love to spice up their writing! TeachHUB is a great resource for any educator. Each week a video is uploaded to the website with various prompts for every level of learner. The videos are meant to engage the learners through the use of controversial, discussion-starting conversations. The videos are uploaded for all different subject areas & for all grade levels. These prompts encourage creative thought to answer the question. 

Don't forget to browse through older prompts to find one over a topic or event that is being discussed. Can't decide which clip? Have your students find a clip & create their own writing prompt to trade with one another.

Live Angry Birds examples,


**  K-2: Angry EmotionsThose are some angry birds.

Have you ever been angry? How do you behave when you feel angry? How should you behave when you feel angry?


**  3-5: Bringing Games to Life

If you could bring any game to life, what would it be? Would it be possible? Write down all the things you would need to make that game a 3D reality.


**  6-8: Game Instructions

Explain step-by-step instructions for playing your favorite game. It could be Angry Birds, a video game or a sport. Be sure to explain each step clearly, so your readers can play the game themselves without any other help.9-12: Design Your AppAngry Birds is a very popular smart phone app. Brainstorm a new phone app. It can be a game, a service or anything you can think of. Describe your app & how it will be valuable to customers.

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