Managing Complex Change - Dr. Mary Lippit | Educational Technology |

It's been awhile since I've been able to track the original source of this helpful model that was listed without an attribution in the Worthington-Brighton Change Tools book in the late 90s and in many other sources.  

Here's the source: The Managing Complex Change model was copyrighted by Dr. Mary Lippitt, founder and president of Enterprise Management, Ltd., in 1987.

Her list is a helpful diagnostic for change leadership, described by John Kotter in 2011 as 
"the driving forces, visions and processes that fuel large-scale transformation."  Mary's  list of elements include:  Vision, Skills, Incentive, Resources, Action Plan  (VSIRA) 

Others may tweak these or reorder them.  It remains to be seen if they improve it or just add noise to her model.

Many experienced practitioners appreciate how it helps capture the many symptoms of ineffective change, which is why I think I've seen at least a dozen times over the years in small to large organization projects.

A helpful handout in pdf. is available at this link:

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