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2018: The Power Of Empathy 12/29/2017

Here are five ways that empathy will drive creativity:

1. Empathy by design. I habitually challenge every creative to walk in the shoes and experience the plight of the customer that you’re creating for. Also, make sure you mine the data around this experience to help draw even more conclusions than what you experienced personally.


2. Empathy from data. The more we learn about and understand our customers, the more personal and human our creative solutions can be


3. Empathy through feeling experiences. If you want to really understand someone’s health circumstance, walk in their shoes through a virtual experience where you can simulate an environment of illness to feel their pain. 


4. Empathy with humanized devices.


5. Empathy that understands context. 


by Elizabeth Elfenbein ,

December 29, 2017

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Open BlockChain

Open BlockChain | Education Tech |

Via Tim Boileau
Tim Boileau's curator insight, March 5, 3:55 PM
This is an excellent primer on BlockChain in Education.
“We are interested in any technology that can contribute, particularly within a UK context, to making higher education better value for money. The centralized model of present-day learning is no longer sustainable – indeed, blockchain technology allows for a total disintermediation and disaggregation of higher education. Today, learning happens increasingly outside the brick-and-mortar lecture hall universities: it happens on online platforms, within communities of like-minded individuals, or by contributing to projects and initiatives in the real world. Blockchain technology may hold the answer to securely and verifiably collating the outcomes of this new distributed learning reality.” Interview with Professor John Domingue, Director Knowledge Media Institute (KMI)