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21st century learning environments

A glimpse at learning spaces of the past and present, with questions about what we would like education to look like for the next century.
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some great ideas to think about if you are setting up a learning commons environment at your school. Think outside the box!!

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Five Ways that 21st and 20th Century Learning Will Differ

Five Ways that 21st and 20th Century Learning Will Differ | Education Highlights! |

How will teaching and learning in the early 21st century differ from its 20th century predecessor? Some shifts are already well underway. These include the growing embrace of open educational resources and of courses collaboratively designed and developed by teams including content area specialists, educational technologists, and instructional designers. Peer mentoring and grading are becoming more common, as is a gradual shift toward learner-centered pedagogies and competency-based, outcomes-oriented approaches.


Alongside these developments are five far-reaching developments.


1.  A 21st century education will be geared toward 100 percent proficiency.

2.  It will rest on the science of learning. 

3.  It will be data-driven.

4.  It will be personalized.

5.  It will take advantage of technology in ways that truly enhance the learning experience.

Via Terry Calhoun
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We must look at what the data tells us. The world moves so quickly now, and there is so much technology at our disposal that you would be foolish not to examine what the data tells you! 

Terry Calhoun's curator insight, March 6, 2014 9:15 AM

The section on "the science of learning" demonstrates a lot of learning going on right now about learning. The author, Steven Mintz is the executive director of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning and a professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin.

Albimio's curator insight, November 28, 2014 10:57 AM

From prevention focus to Promotion focus!


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6 Channels Of 21st Century Learning

6 Channels Of 21st Century Learning | Education Highlights! |
What is 21st century learning, and how do networks and technology function within it?

Via Beth Dichter
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Very important components for 21st Century literacy should probably be number one in our list!

Beth Dichter's curator insight, May 16, 2013 10:58 PM

There are many ways we may look at 21st century learning and this post suggest that there are six channesl of learning. In fact the post notes that there are more than six channels but that "these six are emerging or have always existed as powerful players in how learners make meaning."

The image above provides a visual view, and the six key areas are listed below.

* Dialogic Response

* Community Interaction

* Abstraction and Creativity

* Media Literacy

* Play

* Self-Directed Learning

Are there other areas you would define as channels of learning?

Gust MEES's curator insight, May 17, 2013 4:32 AM


Learn more:


Drora Arussy's curator insight, May 20, 2013 12:38 PM

Wonderful way to put it in perspective. Thank you for sharing the visual.

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Life of an Educator: 6 things we need to stop saying in #education...

Life of an Educator: 6 things we need to stop saying in #education... | Education Highlights! |

Via Tom D'Amico (@TDOttawa)
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The words we use also need to adapt to the 21st Century, just as our students are moving to the 21st Century!

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