20 Web 2.0 Sites that does not Require Student Email Accounts | Education Greece | Scoop.it

As we look at Web 2.0 tools we must consider if we can use them with our students in the school. Many school have policies about social media websites, but one we often run into is the need for students to have email addresses. This list provides 20 Web 2.0 sites that do require a student email address to create an account. There is one additional piece of information that we also need to check and that it the policy of the site for students under the age of 13. I have not checked all these sites to see if students under 13 are allowed and the post does not mention this fact...so if you work with students under 13 make sure to check their policy. 

The list is wide-ranging from sources that are great for finding educational resouces to bookmarking/annoting websites to creating animated videos and more. Some may require a subscription for educators.

Via Beth Dichter