Education, Curiosity, and Happiness
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Education, Curiosity, and Happiness
What roles can curiosity and happiness play in learning?
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Why Employees Don't Trust Their Leadership

Why Employees Don't Trust Their Leadership | Education, Curiosity, and Happiness |
Of 33,000 workers globally, one in three said they don't trust their employer. What gives?

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Ivon Prefontaine, PhD's insight:
When we conflate management and leadership, treating them as the same thing, we make the mistake of missing what leading is. It cannot be defined, but, when we see it, we recognize it.
donhornsby's curator insight, April 7, 2016 10:37 AM
(From the article): One in three people don’t trust their employer. That’s according to the new Edelman "Trust Barometer", a survey of 33,000 people in 28 countries about trust in the workplace.

 Among the other notable findings, trust decreases down an organization’s hierarchy: 64% of executives, 51% of managers, and 48% of rank and file staff say they trust their organizations, and employees say they trust peers more than CEOs when it comes to company information. Right now, many workers have their choice of jobs that boast high earnings and a range of career opportunities. To stay competitive in the war for talent, most employers are offering a full complement of benefits and perks as well as beefing up their efforts to engage workers through inclusion initiatives. Indeed, many employees among the Top 100 Great Places To Work reported being satisfied with their jobs, but also having a high level of trust for their companies.

 That’s obviously not the case everywhere, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer. The survey revealed gaps between factors that employees rate as important for building trust and how their leaders rated based on those attributes.
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Avoid Burnout by making sure you Regularly do what you Love

Avoid Burnout by making sure you Regularly do what you Love | Education, Curiosity, and Happiness |
Burnout is a real problem when you're in a demanding job or are a superachiever . The biggest cause of burnout, however, might not be your inability to take a break from work, but being kept from doing what you love or is important to you.

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Ivon Prefontaine, PhD's insight:

I found the key for me was not letting School managers suck the enjoyment from me. When I let my guard down, I gave them control. When I was mindful and present in my work, I took control.

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