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Rescooped by Suzanne Arena from Research Capacity-Building in Africa!

Learning information literacy

Learning information literacy | Education |
This paper reports on university students' experiences of learning information literacy. Phenomenography was selected as the research approach it describes experience from perspective study participants, which in case is a mixture undergraduate and postgraduate studying education at an Australian university. Semi-structured one-on-one interviews were conducted with fifteen students. interview transcripts iteratively reviewed for similarities differences Categories constructed analysis distinct features that reported. grouped into hierarchical structure represents' increasingly sophisticated reveals literacy six ways: to find information; process use create product; build personal knowledge base; advance disciplinary knowledge; grow person contribute others.

Understanding complexity concept literacy, collective diverse range ways enables academics librarians draw reported by design academic curricula targets more powerful information.

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Learning information literacy
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I really like Categories 5 & 6.

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1 in 5 Kids Use Mobile Devices Every Day

1 in 5 Kids Use Mobile Devices Every Day | Education |
Almost 1 in 5 kids under the age 8 uses a mobile handheld device at least once a day in the United States. This is a fact reported by the recent Common Sense media study " Zero to... more

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