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SETH GODIN: This Is How You Create A Remarkable Product

SETH GODIN: This Is How You Create A Remarkable Product | Education |
No longer acceptable to be ordinary.;...

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Seth's Blog: Freedom in a digital world

Seth's Blog: Freedom in a digital world | Education |
Seth Godin's riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread.

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Five Questions with Seth Godin | University Advancement

Five Questions with Seth Godin | University Advancement | Education |



"1. It’s 2020. What does higher education look like at the end of this decade?


That will be about three years after the giant crash of education loans and the inability of the typical student to justify a full-fare education. It will also be a few years after most courses are available digitally–maybe not from your school, but calculus is calculus. At that point, schools will either be labels, brand names that connote something to a hiring manager, or they will be tribal organizers, institutions that create teams, connections and guilds. Just as being part of the Harvard Crimson or Lampoon is a connection you will carry around for life, some schools will deliver this on a larger scale.


I guess it’s fair to say that the business of higher education is going to change as much in the next decade as newspapers did in the prior one. And one more thing before I really get ranting: Higher education is vitally important to our future. It’s one of the best reasons to be a citizen, to be a person in our society. It has the potential to change lives and open doors. But we need to push in the right direction."

Via Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
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Eight Things in Education That Will Change in the Digital Age

Eight Things in Education That Will Change in the Digital Age | Education |

"Are we asking our students to collect dots or connect dots?" asks author Seth Godin, who wrote the book Stop Stealing Dreams.

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Seth Godin | Backwards

Seth Godin ( was our speaker at this month's CreativeMornings ( themed "Backwards".

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The Stories we Tell (and those we Don't)

The Stories we Tell (and those we Don't) | Education |
In his new book, The Icarus Deception, marketing genius Seth Godin describes the part of the Icarus story that is rarely told.  As you may remember, Icarus's father, Daedalus, was a master craftsma...

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30 best Creative, Design & Marketing Quotes

30 Creative, Design & Marketing Wisdom, Quotes and Sayings. All photos (c): Featuring quotes from Seth Godin, Albert Einstein, Jim Stengel,

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Content Curation Is The Future of the Web: An Old Art Made New Again

Content Curation Is The Future of the Web: An Old Art Made New Again | Education |

Serving “the best of” to a captive audience isn’t exactly new. That’s the goal of most bloggers, for example.


And if you’re sharing links via social media, aren’t you curating? One might also ask, aren’t these sites similar to Seth Godin’s popular Squidoo lenses? I certainly think so. Everything old is new again.


But admittedly, the look and feel is different now. There are many new-ish services competing to offer digital publishers a cooler looking site on which to curate niche news.


The energy is different from Squidoo in terms of reach, design, relevance, and presentation.

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The Top 12 Marketing Automation Articles Curated Today, Monday, 4/15/13

The Top 12 Marketing Automation Articles Curated Today, Monday, 4/15/13 | Education |

Here are The Marketing Automation Alert's best marketing automation-related articles curated today, Monday, 4/15/13. Receive a daily summary of The Marketing Automation Alert directly to your inbox. Subscribe here (your privacy is protected). If you find this valuable, please share by using the links below:


Featured Marketing Automation Article


CMOs: The B-to-B Marketing Model Is Changing. Are Your Marketing Disciplines Evolving With It? | SiriusDecisions Blog

From - Today, 9:45 AM


B-to-b marketing is under the gun to change, and quickly, to respond to changing sales and market needs.




Six core disciplines are undergoing change:

Strategy: The discipline that builds the go-to-market (GTM) marketing framework.Communications: The discipline that builds a framework for strategic marketing positioning, which will transform how we manage social media and content.Portfolio: The offering, strategy and interlock discipline. There is more than one way to go to market.Demand: The discipline that creates and enables demand creation.Operations: The discipline that provides the framework for marketing infrastructure and measurement. The role of marketing operations is broadening. Increased investment in marketing automation and marketing resource management technologies will be required in order to scale operations, enable global processes and provide new market and buyer insights.Delivery: The discipline that provides the capability to deliver marketing to multiple channels.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Albeit brief, this is tremendous perspective and summarizes the changes that today's B2B CMO is undergoing. We can't help to think that technology drives each one of these core disciplines, and the benefits the CMO can derive from its execution. Click through for further explanation of each changing factor.



Forget Big Data—Here Comes Big Content - Gartner

From - Today, 9:37 AM


Key excerpt...


So it’s perhaps no surprise that Gartner’s 2013 social marketing survey pointed to content creation and curation as the key areas of focus for social marketing organizations—and the most outsourced function. Part of this research is available here to the general public, free of charge.


The rhythm and tempo of social marketing puts extraordinary pressure on marketing organizations that are more accustomed to publishing horizons measured in weeks and months than those measured in minutes and hours. Also, as my colleague Allen Weiner tells us, the expectation for content quality and authenticity has changed dramatically. As Allen says, “speak from the heart or not at all.” Amen.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

This article highlights the fact that there is a distinct different between content marketing and content marketing utilizing social channels. In addition to the differences delineated in the post (click through to review), ongoing management of your social media is required (as opposed to post 'n pray).



A Marketer's Guide to Understanding Statistical Significance - HubSpot

From - Today, 9:23 AM


Get an in-depth understanding of the math behind statistical significance in A/B testing.




You may be asking yourself why this is important if you can just use a free tool to run the calculation. Understanding how statistical significance is calculated can help you determine how to best test results from your own experiments. Many tools use a 95% confidence rate, but for your experiments, it might make sense to use a lower confidence rate if you don’t need the test to be as stringent. Understanding the underlying calculations also helps you explain why your results might be significant to people who aren't already familiar with statistics.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

If Stat 101 is too far back in the rear view mirror, here's the perfect article to bring you back. Obviously, statistical significance is critical when it comes to optimization testing.



How Big Data Facilitates Lead Scoring | Right On Interactive

From - Today, 9:32 AM


Key excerpt...


All prospects leave behind “digital footprints” of their online activities. Twitter posts, Facebook shares, website visits, forum postings, network or connections – all give away a prospect’s online activity. The job of the marketer is to collect all disparate data from various sources, integrate everything in a common platform, and apply analytics. This offers a comprehensive picture of the prospect, offering the marketer a clear-cut idea of where the prospect stands.


Big data facilitates exactly this. It integrates and collates various streams of information, be it demographic data or lead intelligence to provide marketers with meaningful and actionable insights. Marketers may already have access to all the data independently, but without the ability to collate and the capability to apply analytics, they would fail to capture any significant insights.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

A very brief post, and the author had an opportunity to expand on the thought. We will: yes, a comprehensive overview of each and every touchpoint is important, but a blueprint is needed as well as the tools to execute on the blueprint. And ownership of the process needs to be clearly defined (IT vs. Marketing). Without a blueprint, tools and ownership, Big Data goes nowhere fast.



How To Optimize Contact Forms For Conversions [Infographic] - Unbounce

From - Today, 9:01 AM


Every marketer wants to optimize their forms to get more leads, but how do you do it? Dig into the infographic for some inspiration, examples, stats & tips.


iNeoMarketing's insight:




5 Techniques For Lead Management Success That You Probably Aren’t Using - Marketo

From - Today, 9:20 AM


Done right, lead management creates more educated buyers.Take a look at these 5 tips for best practices in lead management.




1.  Work directly with sales to determine when a lead is “sales ready”.

2. Make sure to implement lead recycling practices.

Even though you have worked with sales to determine when a lead is ready to be contacted, there will be instances where sales has concluded that certain leads are not quite ready to engage, or sales has not followed up with these leads. To avoid these leads falling into a black hole, you can implement lead recycling practices to make sure that you have a follow-up plan in place.

3. Score leads using implicit behavioral data.

4.  Track anonymous visitors and tie their data to new leads.

5. Progressively understand your prospect’s needs.

Just like dating, as you build a relationship with your prospects, you should be learning more about their needs. Remember, every campaign that a prospect responds to tells you about his or her interests. Every link they click, and every piece of information they fill out on a form tells you more about them. And you can really be clever with your forms. Don’t ask your prospects to enter information you already know. Use progressive profiling and use the opportunity to find out something new. You can also use this information to target what sort of content may appeal to them in an email or lead nurturing campaign.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

These are basics to MA, so we hope you're implementing them! HOWEVER, we continue to be on the lookout for any marketing automation information regarding #4 and the forthcoming Mozilla (Firefox) default of cookies off. If you have any information, please Comment!



3 New(ish) Marketing Tools for Your Business - Fourth Source

From - Today, 8:49 AM




1. Augmented Reality

You can now create an animation over your company logo or watch a movie trailer when you put your phone up to a poster. The technology is so endless and has motivated the likes of KISS to make an augmented reality CD case cover and Rihanna to make augmented reality adverts on her River Island Collection.

2. Google Universal Analytics

The Google Analytics as you knew it has now upgraded to include cross tablet analytics and a new, easier navigation and viewing. Some of the features now available were part of Google Analytic’s Beta, their premium package. There have also been rumours that Google will soon be integrating Adwords into their Analytics tool to make life easier.

3. Google Mobile ROI Calculator (

Another gift from Google is their new Mobile ROI Calculator. Google has broadened conversion tracking in Adwords and will soon be able to give marketers a better sense for the ROI in their mobile marketing campaigns.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

We're not entirely certain that AR technology is where it needs to be to play a role in B2B content marketing, but the other two tools from Google are important. We're already notified you of Universal Analytics (and that you need different tracking codes). FYI.



The 2013 Twitter Marketing Guide - KISSmetrics

From - Today, 8:57 AM


Are you ready to immerse yourself and your business in Twitter this year? Are you a Twitter user who hasn’t caught up with the latest updates and tools for Twitter?


Key excerpt summarized...


Followerwonk – Followerwonk (mentioned earlier) will help you find people to connect with on Twitter based on keywords in their bio and location. You can sort or filter results by number of followers, number they are following, and tweets (along with their authority score).

HootSuite – HootSuite allows you to manage your Twitter profiles (along with other social networks including Google+ pages) all in one place.

Buffer – Buffer allows you to schedule updates for your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. Simply create a schedule for when you would like your updates to go out and add the updates to your Buffer. Then Buffer will send them out to your selected accounts in the time slots you allotted. – helps you discover the most valuable members of your Twitter community by categorizing brand advocates, influencers, and supporters.

Nestivity – Nestivity helps you turn tweets into threaded, manageable discussions so you can have rich conversations with your followers without losing track of them in the noise.

Twitter Grader – Get a quick, free analysis of your Twitter profile using this tool from HubSpot. Also, don’t miss the Twitter Elite lists by location.

Tweet Chat – Another great reputation and Klout booster is participating in Twitter chats. Tweet Chat allows you to easily monitor and jump into the chat.

SumAll – SumAll is a free analytics tool that lets you connect your Twitter account with many others (Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics, Shopify, Paypal, and more) to see if / how your Twitter engagement affects other areas of your online marketing and, ultimately, your business.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Scooping this for two reasons:

1) A comprehensive primer on Twitter: worthwhile to audit your Twitter account against this guide, and;

2) The Top Twitter tools, summarized above.

Whether you’re new to Twitter or a pro, you'll want to click through for the details.



How Modern Marketers Stack Up in Database Spring Cleaning [CHART] | Eloqua Blog

From - Today, 8:01 AM




The first thing to note is that bigger is not always better. Though some industries with larger databases do a great job of keeping a clean database, it does not mean they get better click through rates on their emails.  In fact, the best click-through rates are yielded by the Retail Trade industry, which generally maintains clean, though smaller database sizes on average.The second point is that there are some high performing click-through rates even though they keep a large percentage of ‘unreachable’ contacts, or those contacts who are neither opted out nor bounced back from email marketing.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

We're scooping this for you so that you can compare your DB to others in your vertical, both in terms of reachability and CTR. Fascinated by the performance from the Construction vertical.



10 fatal flaws in social media campaigns - Ragan

From - Today, 8:07 AM


A study by NextStage Evolution spanning 2009-2012 shows an array of ways organizations botched their online marketing efforts. Do these sound familiar?



Both that article and this one are based on NextStage's having studied the social media efforts of more than 400 companies in the U.S. and Canada from 2009 to 2012. We monitored companies as diverse as Alberto-Culver, Boston Scientific, Gucci America, Pioneer North America, and Walgreens. That study produced a lot of information on how not to do social media marketing.



50 percent of network buys failed.57 percent of cross-platform efforts failed.60 percent expecting large rewards from large efforts failed.61 percent that controlled the conversation failed.69 percent relying on high-tech/bleeding-edge failed.71 percent thinking all social media networks are the same failed.75 percent failed that bought fans, friends, 'likes,' mayorships…82 percent contained conversations.87 percent put anti-social people in charge of social media campaigns.95 percent failed to get knowledgeable advice.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Significant percentages of failure, so you have to ask yourself: "what can I do not to repeat these mistakes?" Please click through for the details on each one: worthwhile.



CEOs Still Prefer Their Online Content in Text Format, Not Multimedia - MarketingCharts

From - Today, 7:52 AM


3 in 4 CEOs aged under 50 say they “mostly consume information online,” and close to 2 in 3 aged over 50 agree, per results from a survey that examines the ways in which 358 business leaders stay informed. But while their information consumption may have gone largely digital, it hasn’t migrated to newer forms of interactive content, according to the survey’s results. Asked which forms of online media they prefer, 57% indicated text, compared to 18% who cited infographics (with preference for this format skewing younger), 8% video, and 2% podcasts.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

In case you need to reach CEOs: write it!



10 Lessons on Marketing (Poster) - KISSmetrics

From - Today, 7:56 AM


Marketing is one of those things that is tough to define when it’s good. Some forms of marketing resonate with people, but others do not.


iNeoMarketing's insight:

Print and hang next to your inspiration posters. OK: we're being a bit cynical, but the basic thoughts are tenets. Having said that, we find it entertaining that Peter Drucker, PT Barnum and Seth Godin are together on this list.

Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, April 15, 2013 10:17 AM
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10 Little-Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

10 Little-Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without | Education |
Everybody knows Evernote and Dropbox. Here's a sneak peek at the next wave of productivity apps that top entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss Seth Godin and...

Via Zbynek Kysela ✔
Nora Wendel's curator insight, May 7, 2013 12:38 PM

I didn't know any of these....

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12 insights on the emotional marketing revolution from Seth Godin - Project Eve

12 insights on the emotional marketing revolution from Seth Godin - Project Eve | Education |
Want to learn from one of the best social media marketers and business leaders? Seth Godin was the guest on a webinar organized by Vocus, a provider of

Via Marty Koenig
Marty Koenig's curator insight, June 1, 2013 10:43 PM

Seth's 12 tips are key to a successful crowdfunding campaign, among other things. 

Contact Boostonsvotrestartup's curator insight, June 3, 2013 3:15 AM

what a lot to learn this week.