Met Google Formulieren (zit in Google Docs) kun je ook toosten maken. Deze toetsen kun je met behulp van het gratis tooltje Flubaroo automatisch laten nakijken en beoordelen. Het filmpje hierboven legt het allemaal uit.


"This is a demonstration of the Flubaroo grading tool. This tool aids instructors by quickly grading online assignments created with Google Forms. It also provides reporting and analysis on the grades, and allows the instructor to email each student their grade. For more, visit"


"Applications for Education
If you use multiple choice quizzes for any purpose in your classroom, administering those quizzes through Google Documents and grading them with Flubaroo can save you a lot of time. That's time that you can use for other things like delivering more instruction or building better relationships with students."


Meer over deze tool kun je lezen op "Free Technology for Teachers" in de blogpost "Video - Using Flubaroo to Grade Quizzes". Zie:

Via SPONS Learning Company