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5 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design

5 Tips to Simplify Your Web Design | Education |
Simplicity rules! It makes a websites look sleek, reduce nagivation confusion and it helps achieving desired goals and results (I.e., more signups, subscribers and sales). But too often it seems elusive to simplify your website design. No matter how hard you try, you can’t make your work look like Apple’s. ... Continue reading »
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For someone looking to boil down the process of web design into 5 recognizable and repeatable steps, here it is. 

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How interactive technology is transforming storytelling

How interactive technology is transforming storytelling | Education |

Three things really fascinate me about the new digital writing toolkit: the possibility of increased immersion in a story, the ability to represent choice, and the way the audience can influence the story. I'll take them one by one.

Via Nik Peachey
Chad Clark's insight:

A “good tale well told” transcends the medium by which it is relayed.  Credit is due Naomi Alderman for saying as much, or rather writing as much in this brief but value-packed article.  (At one point she confesses to being an instructor of creative writing as well as digital media; her article resonates with familiarity of those two areas of expertise.)  For additional reading re: Immersion, I recommend Frank Rose’s The Art of Immersion.   As to “representing choice” – am I the only avid reader who as a kid tried to get into the Choose Your Own Adventure books but ultimately preferred my bound page to be more of “Calvinoesque”?  (And for the record, I still hate seeing the following words in a periodical: to continue reading, turn to page…) 


But with digital media the other shoe has fallen. 


In conclusion Alderman speaks to audience participation. I can’t help but think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show whenever I see those two words – audience and participation – together, but alas, I wish I could think Star Wars, Episode One.  You see just last night I watched a 12 minute video simply titled “What If Star Wars: Episode I" Was Good?” This video is one man’s take on how to make EpiOne better, er, um, good even.  Now I’m a huge Star Wars fan, having seen Episode IV: A New Hope when I was only 5.  I’m also a digital media guy myself – so says the University of Washington and after George Lucas destroyed my childhood with Episodes I, II, and III, one other digital media guy takes 12 minutes and tells a story that, well, that if made into a movie wouldn’t have bit the big dead Chihuahua. (Come on, EpiOne was really bad.) 


But with the world of Star Wars fans (nerds?) out there, don’t you think George, er, Mr. Lucas, could have made a better film if he’d have listened?  I think so – and so even with all the beautiful digital effects, it all comes down to a good tale well told and in this case, that needed audience participation.   

Mª Jesús García S.M.'s curator insight, July 22, 2013 2:37 AM

Nice post

Jess Gronholm's curator insight, July 26, 2013 3:23 PM

This is a great article about the future of storytelling. I love this point. "Art and science (or technology) are often imagined to be totally separate – but this is not, and never has been, true."

Bad Spoon's curator insight, August 8, 2013 1:15 AM

Les évolutions technologiques - notamment les applications mobiles - et l'interaction avec les utilisateurs offrent de nouveaux terrains de jeu pour utiliser le storytelling comme un outil marketing