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Top 6 Web Design Trends of 2014

Top 6 Web Design Trends of 2014 | Education |
What web design trends are going to rock in 2014? Here is our take on it.

Via Gain Website
Gain Website's curator insight, May 19, 2014 10:48 PM

These are excellent web design solution for professional and small business websites:

1. Retina Support 

2. Responsive Web Design 

3. Large Graphics and Photographs 

4. QR Code Integration

5. Minimalism

6. Infinite Scrolling


In most cases nowadays, websites are design to have mobile complexity and compatibility. What most web developers do is to have a sync design or uniformity towards how a website look starting from browsers up to downloadable apps. See for example Facebook. As you can see the desktop version is more likely the same with the mobile/app version. Specifically, Facebook developers promote the 6 excellent web design solution mentioned above. See it for yourself. 


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