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Curation Collisions
I've been thinking about where the synchronous and asynchronous meet. It feels like the only art left is to COLLIDE ideas previously thought of as pristine or distinct. Together the active juxtaposition adds depth, information, mystery and hooks.

Hooks are TOUGH. We've been advertised to right up to our last nerve. The net effect of millions of ads is we don't believe much. Our skeptical hide is thick.

When we swing things around like a great Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) and smash them into one another we create the kind of surprise and arrested development that stops frenzied process just long enough to slip some passionate communication about how our parts can exceed our whole.

Can't think of a better idea of creating juxtaposition than the Poetics of Gesture image that pastes Twombly on a Basquiat. Too good!

What about you? Have you collided content creating surprise and arresting images in support of your #contentmarketing or #contentcuration?

Via Martin (Marty) Smith