EDIT 2000 - Spring 2013 (Class 10:10) "Stop Motion Animation Video"
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EDIT 2000 - Spring 2013 (Class 10:10) "Stop Motion Animation Video"
Class Project Presentation: Videos, Production Notes, and commentaries
Curated by So Mi Kim
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Scooped by So Mi Kim

Laws Coming to Life

- Creators : Sam, Jennifer, Luke, Daniel
- Audience / Subject Area: 7th Grade / Social Studies (Civics and Government)

- Learning Focus: Understanding the order of which a bill becomes a law
   in the United State’s government
- Production Note:http://goo.gl/QduFq


So Mi Kim's comment, March 24, 2013 4:03 PM
Comment 1: This group's stop animation was a little different from the others I've seen because it uses Legos and Hotwheels. It was a really neat approach because there was a lot of animation going on with those different objects that I would never have considered using. They successfully provided the steps of how a bill becomes a law.

Comment 2: The video expressed the information about a law coming to life in a way that students can easily understand. The only thing that I would change to help it become even more efficient is to make the ending more clear. The look and feel of the video was fun and I really liked the car taking the bill to and from Capitol Hill.

Comment 3: Age group is probably more advanced (5th-6th). The learning focus is clearly how a bill becomes a law. The visual affects could possibly give someone a headache. There's really not a clear description of the differences between the house and the senate. Talking about a farmer might help the audience understand that anybody can come up with the idea of a bill. The look is kind of shaky. Could possibly be funnier.

Comment 4: I think the visuals were great but do not match the voice over (what is being taught). I think the visuals should be used to complement the vocals, otherwise the students may be confused.

Comment 5: This video, I was kind of lost, but it did get my attention. The video did address the audience needs by showing how a law comes in life. I thought the video was ok.

Comment 6: It has a very clear focus but the target audience is confusing, it seems to talk down to seventh graders. It is well developed and has the metaphor of the farm but it almost seems too simple. It tells the gist of it but it feels rushed and doesn't allow the information to sink in. I liked the look and feel of the video. It only lacked background music for more interest.

Comment 7: Animations were pretty good! I would have liked to see the video got into more detail about how a bill becomes a law. I think it was not quite in depth enough for seventh graders. I would be curious to see if it satisfies the state standard.

Comment 8: I think this is a cute video, especially the battling scene. Why'd the chicken get the hammer? Pretty funny. Not as informative as I'd like, but it was informative enough to be a preview into a lesson.
Scooped by So Mi Kim

Healthy Eating for Kids!

- Creators:Kyle, Frances, Ashley, Ayrian

- Audience / Subject Area: Early Elementary / Science, Health Promotions

- Learning Focus: Understanding Food Pyramid and Healthy Food Plate

- Production Note:http://goo.gl/0hV9O


So Mi Kim's comment, March 23, 2013 10:06 PM
Comment 1: It is obvious about healthy eating directed at younger children. t is colorful and well-informed but I think it that proportion size should have been bigger and on the screen longer to hold a child gaze….I liked the cute little characters and the music fit well.

Comment 2: This video was very well made. They said their age group was for early elementary, and I think the content was a bit advanced for early elementary.

Comment 3: This explained the food pyramid well and was relatable to and easily understood by the target audience. I like the video, but would like to have seen more props and color!

Comment 4: It does have a clear learning focus (food pyramid). It's probably geared toward younger children. There were lots of visuals to help distinguish between the different food categories. This certainly would help children understand better. The look and feel of the video is really simple and gets the point across easily

Comment 5: This idea was very creative and I liked that about it. It went a little fast though, especially considering it is for children

Comment 6: I loved this entire video. Great animation, easy to follow flow, and I was left with an overall pleasant feel after watching it. The clarity was fabulous for the target audience with sound information and explanation. I remember hearing about the food pyramid for the first time and could say that if this video was my first experience learning about it then I would be able to easily understand the process. I was a little surprised at the end with the loud shout, but an overall awesome experience and great stop motion animation!

Comment 7: I thought it was very informative despite how brief it had to be. I liked the little puffball with eyes, very cute narrator. The example at the end and the question was a nice touch, even though the shout-out scared me a little.

Comment 8: I think this video does have all of the required components and looks great; however, the USDA no longer suggests abiding by the food pyramid and has developed my plate system (choosemyplate.gov) so I would teach that instead.

Comment 9: I love that you guys looped music behind the video and specifically targeted kids. Your target audience is unmistakable and your information is presented in a clear, easy to understand manner. The look and feel of the video is great! Good job!
Scooped by So Mi Kim

The Seasons

- Creators:Traviera, Bianca,Erin, Mark

- Audience / Subject Area: Kindergarten / Science
- Learning Focus: Naming and Understanding the four seasons

- Production Note:http://goo.gl/L9lbe

So Mi Kim's comment, March 23, 2013 10:08 PM
Comment 1: I think this video has a clear learning focus and audience. It was very entertaining but may be a little complicated for kindergarteners. Overall, it looked and sounded great!

Comment 2: I think the video expresses the information about the seasons well and it had cute designs for each season. I wouldn't change anything. I liked the look and feel of the video! It was fun and interesting to watch.

Comment 3: I think this one was great. It does a great job at describing the way seasons work. I thought Spring was cool because it used actual toys and paper. I truly believe kids could learn from this video.

Comment 4: Very good progression of life in each season, and I like that the voices for each season were different. Showed individuality of the seasons and I think the video was well developed and easily understood
Scooped by So Mi Kim

Simple Machines

- Creators: Rachel, Michael, Grace, Olivia

- Audience /Subject Area: 2-4th Grade / Science
- Learning Focus: Naming and Defining simple machines with examples
- Production Note:http://goo.gl/hHN8a

So Mi Kim's comment, March 23, 2013 9:38 PM
Comment1: This video is a great representation of a Stop Motion animation with quality focus, clarity, and a great message for the target audience of 2nd- 4th graders. It broke down four separate, very educational processes in an easy-to-understand way. This video would help people understand for those students who were more visual learners. The actual pictures were creative, thorough, and fun, although I might have added a few more frames for a more fluid animation. A possible option would be to simply speed up the frames they currently have for a shorter video. I enjoyed the feel of the video, especially the audible background music. An overall great experience as a viewer!

Comment2: I liked the plot line and the music fit well with the narration. The learning focus is clear and it seems to be directed at a elementary school children. The narration is appropriate for the age group but it is a little overwhelming with a lot of new information.

Comment3: I think this is probably the most informational video of the five and I found myself being refreshed on the knowledge I formerly had about simple machines. I loved your animations being basic and clearly demonstrating the purpose and use of each machine. Great voiceover as well. Well developed!

Comment4: This video was really good as well. You could tell they put time and thought into it. The different types of simple machines were clearly described and laid out so that an elementary student could understand it. The cat that was narrating was relatable for a child and helped keep the video organized.

Comment5: This video had very good, clear, concise narration. That makes watching this very simple, which I think correctly fits the targeted audience. Also, I think its a great idea teaching students about how to use tools, very original.

Comment6: Target audience is probably 3rd or 4th grade. Topic is very clear (simple machines). This video definitely addresses needs of target audience. It keeps audience engaged in wihat's happening with visual changes. The visuals stick with what is being said and are exceptionally done. The look and feel of the video is very well done. It is clear, easy to understand, and interesting.

Comment7: This was such a good video! They introduce the ideas of levers, wheels, inclined planes, screws, and other simple machines. They clearly outlined examples of these machines and have made it easy for students to learn about simple machines.

Comment 8: There is an obvious definition for whom this video is intended. I find this video to be helpful in describing simple machinesto kids
Scooped by So Mi Kim

Rise and Shine

- Creators:Tenaya,Patrick,Jared,Tyler

- Audience / Subject Area: Early Elementary / Science
- Learning Focus: Illustrating the concept of time zone

- Production Note:http://goo.gl/izZG0

So Mi Kim's comment, March 23, 2013 9:59 PM
Comment 1: I guess the overall appeal of the video is geared toward elementary school children. The video does a nice job of explaining the sunrise/sunset in different locations around the world, and will provide a nice explanation of the topic to children.

Comment 2: The content of this video was clear on the topic of their process, yet lacked portraying the target audience grade. It was a simple process so the focus came through loud and clear. It provided a sense of humor within it, but phrases such as "goes into the ground" could be rephrased into other, more scientifically accurate phrases, should we know that the target audience was a little older. It could help the younger students understand the concept of where the sun goes at night, which could be confusing otherwise. The look and feel of the video were interesting, but there could have been some more editing of the edges on the frames and an overall better fluidity. As a whole a great start, just could be better with a little more editing!

Comment 3: I thought this video was really good! It talked about the sunrise and sunset and it had good characters along the way! The colors were fun and it would be easy for an elementary student to understand. They did a good job of catering to that age group.

Comment 4: I think it's talking about the difference between the day and night. Not sure who the focus group is. I think with better and more accurate descriptions of this process would address the needs of the target audience better. Again the look and feel of the video is great. It just needs a little more accuracy and thought put into it.

Comment 5: I really enjoyed the illustrations and all the different narrations going on. It is a great way to introduce students to the idea of how the sun rises and sets and how the rotation of the earth affects when and where sunrise and sunset occur.

Comment 6: The video has a clear learning focus and I'm pretty sure. I got the target audience. I liked the effects with the globe. I think
the kids would understand the topic because its really simple and easy for them to understand.

Comment 7: It kind a left me hanging a little as to what they were describing. Why did you talk about India, and what was the main topic. If it was sunsets, then why India, if it was how the Earth rotates, why not mention that that's why the sun sets and why the moon rises. I did like the cowboy yeehaw.