"The purpose of the publication is to describe ways in which education for sustainable development (ESD) can be integrated into primary and secondary schooling. This  collection of briefs is designed to complement other ESD materials published by UNESCO."


It's good to see that the sustainable development discourse has solidified into a tool for educating the youth. Also because it does seem to have it's head screwed on it's shoulders properly: "Meeting the learning needs of all pupils in the classroom is a form of social equity, which is a core concept of sustainability." Hear hear.


The sourcebook is packed with guidelines for smoothly changing curriculums, teacher worksheets and sound educational theory. I have yet to hear any reviews of its use in the classroom, but I find that it's not a totally isolated instance: http://bit.ly/MMmFZs


I like that this is focused on content and cultivating critical thinking in children, as opposed to an overemphasis on the tools. Is it a result of our (my?) consumer culture that ICT in education is more prevalent than this?


[Inner cynic: "Sustainable development is the overarching paradigm of the United Nations." - Sure, that's why Rio+20 was such a brilliant success.]

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