OpenRelief: Clearing the Fog of Disaster | Education doesn't stop | EdDev |

"I think these kinds of models are the wave of the world's future not just in developing worlds.  What the article talks about is free and unfettered information--isn't that the tacit condition for all learning not just disaster learning?  Perhaps Ushahidi ( is  a good model for school reform." ~ Terry.


The suggestion of this design - open source robotic airplanes to collect information in disaster relief situations - is intriguing, as it's really stretching the boundaries of what I had anticipated for this curation exercise. Which is great! Stories like these are really at the intersection of some great currents = open source + communication + education in all situations + aid/development + technology and innovation.

Some may argue against innovation, but the starting point is that collecting information in disaster situations is difficult at best. 


Other than that, I think there's a hidden gem in the article describing most good ideas: "Thinking lead to talking, and talking like to more intelligent people thinking. That snowballed and lead to where we are today.