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Economic by Jaydon Parker

Economic by Jaydon Parker | Economics |
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Gold On A Tear This Month

Gold On A Tear This Month | Economics |

The price of gold has surged 13 percent – its biggest gain in more than a year -- from a late-June low of $1,211.60 as recent signals from the U.S. central bank of continued money-printing hold down the value of the dollar and the recently depressed price sparks Asian bargain-hunting.


The precious metal’s July bounce may continue, vindicating the small number of bullish forecasters still keeping faith with gold, or the slide that began in late October could resume, vindicating the many sell-side analysts working for giant investment banks who are happy to see gold get what they see as well-deserved comeuppance.


Here’s what’s happened. From its Oct. 4, 2012, price of $1,804.50 per troy ounce the gold price had, by June 28, fallen to $1,180, a more than one-third plunge in its value. Investors in such popular exchange-traded funds as SPDR Gold Trust (Nysearca:GLD) and iShares Gold Trust (Nysearca:IAU) couldn't exit quickly enough. But since June 28, the price of gold has been clawing ...

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Almost 30% of Catalans are at risk of social exclusion

Almost 30% of Catalans are at risk of social exclusion | Economics |

Barcelona (ACN).- The economic crisis has hit Catalan society, which by the end of 2011 had 29.5% of the population at risk of social exclusion.

The latest results of the 2011 survey of living conditions and habits of Catalonia’s population have shown that three out of ten Catalans are at risk of social exclusion, according to the AROPE rate. It analyses not only economic poverty levels, but it also takes into account other aspects, such as severe material deprivation and households with very low work intensity.

The shocking results of this survey show that Catalonia is in a worse situation than Spain (with 26.7% of people at risk of social exclusion) and the European Union (21.6%). Within Catalonia, the population living in the Ebro Delta area is facing the worst situation (36.8%), while those living in Central Catalonia are less affected by this problem (21.5%).

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