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Marty Note
My Curatti.com post this week is 8 Tips on Visual Marketing from Vogue.. Visual marketing is dominating in 2014. I'm searching for the top 10 visual marketing websites and know GoRuck is going to be one of them.

Ecommerce is difficult. Too much visual and not enough conversion and you can't afford your hosting fees. Too much visual and not enough storytelling and you can't afford your credit card gateway.

GoRuck strikes an amazing balance. Their Pinterest-like grid tells an amazing story. Check out GoRuck and share your favorite visual marketing websites. 

Single BONE to Pick
GoRuck follows a tiny number of their followers. This is a favorite pet peeve of mine. Hey GoRuck if you are reading this Social Media is about being SOCIAL and we can't communicate on Twitter if you don't follow us. GoRuck is sending the WRONG anti-social signal, or a signal dissonant from their "we are all in this together" look and feel. Don't make their mistake, follow worthy people that follow you. If your following is below 50% I would LOVE to hear why.