Why We Are Hiring Great Curators & Your Ecommerce Site Should Too via @CrowdFunde | Ecom Revolution | Scoop.it

CrowdFunde & Content Curators
When we started CrowdFunde, our startup to help B2C online retailers and B2B content marketers know how to use content to achieve their goals, we realized we would need a lot of help. As the tool took shape it was clear the guiding hand of a great content curator would be a CSF (Critical Success Factor).

As we explained on CrowdFunde.com great content curators do three increasingly important things:

* Find next generation of trending content.
* Fit seemingly disparate content into an evolving “jigsaw” of themed content curation.
* Help readers, followers and other contributors understand macro concepts.

I've worked with great curators on Scoop.it and the POWER and PRESCIENCE of that experience is why discovering and hiring 10 great content curators (to start) is one of our most important "Launch Goals".

The cool thing is, in many cases, we may be paying a hard working content curator to do what they love and what they are already doing for FREE. While no one is going to get rich on what our little startup can afford to pay there is a lot to be said for being part of a new company, a company dedicated to helping Internet marketers get to know their customers, be able to talk to and learn from their customers.

If you are a great content curator we hope you will APPLY and share our search with your friends.

Thanks, Marty and Phil