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Hacking Happens - 5 Security Steps - Curagami

Hacking Happens - 5 Security Steps - Curagami | Ecom Revolution |
Hacking Happens - 5 Security Measures shares the death, taxes & websites get hacked as life's new certainties or maybe not if you do these 5 steps today.
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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Easy To Use Ecom Payment Gateway: Know One?

Easy To Use Ecom Payment Gateway: Know One? | Ecom Revolution |

Single Item Ecommerce
One of the reasons I'm so excited about Bitcoin as infrastructure (see this Scoop: ) is the real possibility of adding single item ecommerce.

Why is single item ecom so important?

One of the last big castles owned by abusive middlemen is the web's payment gateways. is a pain. Such a pain small single item ideas can't generate ROI. Problem is BIG IDEAS often start as tiny ones.

This means the block to setting up online commerce retards innovation, slows ecommerce / social synergy and makes product development and testing harder than it needs to be.

Sure you can use a scaled "print on demand" site such as Zazzle or Cafe Press, but NOT if you want to print on something other than currently supported media.

What if we want to sell our Cure Cancer cycling socks? We don't want to go all the way to a shopify store since that feels like overkill. We want to put up a Facebook image with a little story and a payment gateway or throw a link into a tweet that does the same.


Or can we and I just don't know about it? I looked into and problem there is they use THEIR cart. Linking to the cart I saw six months ago with limited white label capacity would be like shifting the link OF OUR OWN PRODUCTS across an affiliate link.

I took a look at earlier today and will put in our routing information and EIN numbers when I get home. If anyone knows of a great single item ecommerce engine that allows enough customization that the cart looks like YOU and isn't a holy PAIN in the you know where to create please share.

Bitcoin, while intriguing, is at least a year away from any kind of easy installation and use (at least). Need a an easy to use payment gateway by Christmas or these trips to Ohio are going to break me (lol).

More on G+:

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Improve Website Load Time = Cheapest, Easiest 2016 Ecommerce Fix

Improve Website Load Time = Cheapest, Easiest 2016 Ecommerce Fix | Ecom Revolution |

Marty Note - Improving Site Load Times
Let's say you own and manage a $3,000,000 website. You spend 5% of your site's top line to market on Google, with emails and content. Your $150,000 marketing budget pays for team members and vendors.  

Your muliti-channel site is cooking along, but you notice customer complaints increase mysteriously on Tuesdays. Tuesdays is also when you drop emails to your 50,000 subscribers. See the problem?

Ecommerce merchants can contribute to one of their biggest illnesses as the Kissmetrics infographic on the link shares - slow load times. Lack of speed kills SEO, community and your website if you aren't careful, very careful. Ways you can slow down your website:

* Dump emails in too big a cluster

* Use your production admin UI during sales times

* Don't use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

* OR Misconfigure your CDN

* Huge images (less of an issue with cloud by why tempt fate)

* Bad code

* Too many addons, plugins and doodads haning off your blog or website every additional thing adds TIME so ask is it worth it

Now ask yourself, among ALL the hard work and cool campaigns you will create this year are you guaranteed a 10% to 20% sales increase?

Why more online merchants aren't attacking site load times with a vengence the millions they could make SO EASILY is a mystery we hope to help one of our clients, unravel this year. We want their load times to average 2 seconds and bet that improvement will drop thousands to their bottom line.

Will report back as we evaluate ways to speed up the Moon. 

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ShopLocket + Square Creating The NEXT Ecommerce Revolution: Small c Commerce & Big $

ShopLocket + Square Creating The NEXT Ecommerce Revolution: Small c Commerce & Big $ | Ecom Revolution |
ShopLocket is the easiest way to sell something online. No store to setup, no risk to get started. With ShopLocket selling something is just as easy as embedding a Youtube video. Simply create your product, embed it in your website, Facebook page, or blog post, and start selling!
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

As the web breaks apart thanks to social and mobile (see Future of Web Design Scoop ) we will want to put commerce any and everywhere. Shoplocket makes that idea possible without all the pain. Cool #startup. ShopLocket + Square = world changes.

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