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Is Ecommerce Stuck In The Mud? - via @Curatti_

Is Ecommerce Stuck In The Mud? - via @Curatti_ | Ecom Revolution |
Is E-commerce Stuck In The Mud? After our first Holiday Ecommies Review of 30+ top online retailers (@Ecommies is a new ecommerce ratings, review and award site coming soon). It’s clear e-retailers are stuck in the mud.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Fun writing this post for @ janlgordon new Editors of Chaos Conclusion after our first Ecommie Awards for Holiday 2013 is YES e-commerce is stuck in mud of its own making.

Online retailers seem stuck fighting battles that are all but over such as the adoption of free shipping out and back, deal-of-the-day and Buy More, Save More. The ocean runs red as competitors face off with each other with little regard to the unique characteristics of selling online.

There were bright spots in the more than 30 top e-retailers reviewed including and Williams-Sonoma, but even well established brands such as L. L. Bean seem to struggle this holiday selling season.

Not hard to see WHY ecom is in a rut. Mobile is changing everything though few seem to realize the magnititude or sweep of the change. In addition to the Ecommies Report card we created a Social Media Analysis showing most e-retailers follow less than 1% of their followers.

Clearly the conversational nature of the new web is as perplexing to retailers as mobile. The combination of these two big misses, mobile and social, made holiday 2013 lackluster and stuck in the mud. This post shares ideas for how to fix not least of which would be embracing social media marketing and joining a mobile marketing revolution that has little to do with phones.

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Social Media Growth, E-Commerce and the End of the Beginning [infographic]

Social Media Growth, E-Commerce and the End of the Beginning [infographic] | Ecom Revolution |
Social Media And The Growth Of E-Commerce – infographic Did you know that e-commerce, which

Marty - I love this Infographic because it so sharly details how completely we've moved away from Ecommerce 1.0 and are immersed in Ecommere 2.0 (at least). The predictive and dynamic ecom 3.0 isn't far off so no resting even if this is the end of the beginning.

Via Michael Q Todd, Brian D. Hawkins
Jennifer Jinright's curator insight, August 29, 2013 5:08 PM

Interesting. Wonder how far off and in which direction this will be when we look back in about 4 years