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A Comprehensive Guide to Cross-Selling & upselling - Amasty

A Comprehensive Guide to Cross-Selling & upselling - Amasty | Ecom Revolution |
The truth is: a decided customer is a rare phenomenon in the e-commerce world. In most cases, people are sure only about their needs, and slightly know about the way they can be satisfied. There is a fine line between making proper suggestions and trying to sell more at a rate when a customer doesn’t see it as an aggressive tactic. Cross-selling and upselling techniques when used properly can be a delicate thing that works like a charm both for customers and businesses. And here’s...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

CrossSelling & UpSelling is the path to increasing your AOV (Average Order Value) and higher AOV's is the path to sustainable online community. Great post here on how to cross and up sell.

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3 Optimization Tips To Increase AOV (Average Order Value) - Business 2 Community

3 Optimization Tips To Increase AOV (Average Order Value) - Business 2 Community | Ecom Revolution |

3 Optimization Tips for Increasing Your Average Order Value
Business 2 Community
One case study highlight by KISSMetrics suggests that upselling may be 20x more effective for eCommerce that cross-selling.

Marty Note
I've used all three of these ideas when I was a Director of Ecommerce. My favorite was trigger point free shipping. We did extensive testing and never say less than a 40% increase over our Free Shipping target. If we set a $60 target our AOV (Average Order Value) was right at 100.

We did see order growth slow the higher up the target. Our AOV ws $63 so raising our target to $75 pushed AOV up but decreased order volume. Without Free Shipping our AOV dropped into the fifties so we more than covered the cost of the offer with the additional $40 we gained.

Unique merchandising can cut out price comparison so liked that tactic for that reason.

Cross-Selling is a great idea to move AOV up and increase your profit mix. If you have a private label where your margins are higher and you can move conversions to it do so. If you have products whose close rate is great use those.

When you up-sale be careful of doing so in the cart. The cart can be great for up-sale if you do so gingerly and efficiently i.e.without any additional worry or work. When your customers want to give you money first rule of ecommerce is take it.

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