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30 Things You Must Master To Create Great Online Commerce #infographic

30 Things You Must Master To Create Great Online Commerce #infographic | Ecom Revolution |

30 Ecom Strategies & Tactics To Master
No wonder most ecommerce teams feel overwhelmed. Off the top of our heads we came up with 30 complex "mini-systems" that must be mastered to create greatness in online commerce.

Gone are the days when a little of this and that could win the day in online retail. Today all 30 of these tactics and strategies dance together requiring sophisticated understanding of individual trends, tools and ideas to win.

Things change too fast to really KNOW anything. Instead teams must surf waves, learn and fail fast and then wax up their boards for another wild ride.

Did we miss any BIG IDEAS your ecommerce team is managing. Soon we will support this infographic with a post to further explain each strategy and tactic. In the meantime let us know what we missed in comments or email martin(at)

Thanks and remember DEEP SLOW BREATHES and if you aren't having FUN your visitors will know. They will feel it.

William Caleb Rodgers's curator insight, May 3, 2015 10:36 AM

Do you have what it takes to be a master of online commerce?

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Creating Binge Worthy B2C Ecommerce Content

Creating Binge Worthy B2C Ecommerce Content | Ecom Revolution |

Netflix data shows "binge watching" is up. How do we create content marketing to encourage a binge?

Creating Binge Worthy Content for Ecommerce sites helps master the New SEO, but the process is different than for B2B because:

* B2C ecom content needs more UGC (User Generated Content).
* Ecom content needs to tell great stories fast so VIDEO.

* UGC needs engagement support so gamification.

* Tribal key for ecommerce, so needs to be highly social.

* Don't like to pull attention away from HERO, so selectively visual.

* Need to curate more "binge worthy content" from UGC and social. 

That last bullet demonstrates the core difference. B2C ecommerce is an act of curation as much as creation. Customers trust each other often MORE than the websites they visit. The more UGC an ecom website has the richer it is.

UGC can take many forms on an ecommerce site such as:

* Reviews. 
* Profiles (MyAccount). 
* Comments. 
* Response to contests and games. 
* Review the reviewer (was this review helpful?). 
* Social shares.
* Blog or social commentary (use only with permission as you will have to rake into your website with an Online Reputation Management tool). 

Stories and content are no less important to an ecommerce website, but there are distinct difference in the type of content that will help and not hurt conversions.  


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Reviews Are Critical User Generated Content: Review of Reviews [Infographic + Marty Tips]

Reviews Are Critical User Generated Content: Review of Reviews [Infographic + Marty Tips] | Ecom Revolution |
It’s not even just e-commerce sites that allow reviews either. Local Directory sites allow customers to review businesses, whether the business encourages them or not.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Ecom & Reviews Birds of a Feather
You can't run a successful ecommerce website without reviews. I would go further and say you can run a successful #Ecom website without User Generated Content (UGC). Excellent infographic explains why.


5 Tips For How To GET Reviews & UGC

* Gamify - provide social capital as reinforcement.

* Glorify - Reviewer of the month and other accolades.

* Review Reviewers - ask community to rate reviewers, brand the best of them.

* Contests - make becoming a reviewer a hard won prize like Amazon.

* Give 'em a Job - once you find the 1% willing to contribute gives them a "job" and that will help recruit others in kind.

BTW, I don't agree that a negative review means your company is dead. I posted on how to turn negative reviews around not long ago:


Turn Negative Reviews Into Money

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There's A New Ecommerce Coming FAST. You In? via @Curagami

There's A New Ecommerce Coming FAST. You In? via @Curagami | Ecom Revolution |
Zazzle, Cafe Press, Etsy and Sara Harvey show how ecommerce's social future is about collaboration, empowering and sharing. Does your store do that?

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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New SEO - The Catalog Challenge

New SEO - The Catalog Challenge | Ecom Revolution |

Friends run a great online women's apparel store. This post discusses 5 tips to help aligned their store with the new SEO including:

1. Great First Person About Page.

2. Adding Cross Sale (to help with inventory fluctuation).

3. Create Content Silos (to help with New SEO).

4. Use and Pinterest (great visual merchandising tools).

5. Content Contests (to generate UGC).

These tips could work for almost any online #ecommerce retailer since engagement is the new black in terms of post Panda and Penguin SEO.  

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Sometimes Web Design Is About Money: How the Tar Heel Traveler website could matter

Sometimes Web Design Is About Money: How the Tar Heel Traveler website could matter | Ecom Revolution |

Scott Mason is our excellent local CBS affiliate WRAL's Tar Heel Traveler. Scott interviewed me yesterday for our Cure Cancer Starter video and I agreed to take a look at his website to say THANKS. 

This post is about why "web design" is a dangerously vague term now and why sometimes creating a website that works is about the money or about finding experts capable of making money online to help create your online presence.   

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The Tar Heel Traveler Website
Scott Mason is an amazing visual storyteller. He creates "slice of life" pieces for our excellent local CBS affiliate WRAL TV. You can watch Scott's videos by clicking on the link below:

The Tar Heel Traveler on WRAL 


Scott wrote a great book about a year ago on his travels across North Carolina. The book has been a big hit selling several thousand copies (this is very unusual, most books only sell a handful of copies). Scott created a website to support the book:

The Magic Math of Making Money Online
There is a large group of "web designers". There is a smaller group of Internet marketers that know how to design a website to matter more and more every day. Finally this is a TINY SET of Internet marketers that really know how to make money online. 

That third set can't be larger than a few thousand people in the world. I've managed teams that have made millions online, but my talent is in recognizing the kind of skills and minds necessary. I know how to create a team that feeds off each other, teams capable of creating websites that matter more and more and so make millions. 

I haven't met the designer who created, but they made many unforgivable mistakes including:

* Site doesn't have social support. 
* No blog (Scott is an amazing writer).
* Title is poor and they are poor throughout.

* Conventions such as "HOME" is violated (welcome instead). 

* Visuals could be better. 


To the designer’s credit the site was created in cascading style sheets and it loads fast, but those benefits don't overcome the site's significant issues. 

The lack of social support is, at this time, is unforgivable. The site has a PageRank (PR) of 2 and that is only because WRAL is driving a PR5 into it. This website design has NO CHANCE to scale or matter much. I just wrote a note to Scott explaining that this site in 2002 or 2003 might have worked; now a website design like this is dead on arrival. 

Platforms Vs. Websites  
I wrote a piece on the death of the "closed loop" website, a website such as that is talking to itself about itself, in 2011. Platforms vs. Websites is about changes created by social and mobile (sometimes called SMobile).  

The GOOD NEWS is you can use OPP (Other People's Platforms) to help create social websites. I suggested Scott use Flickr and YouTube, but he could also use, LinkedIn and Shopify. We don't have to look far to see the rise of User Generated Content (UGC) platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. 

UGC Is the secret weapon of all platforms, we all know this by now. Tough part is UGC is getting harder and harder to generate since it is in such clear demand. The Tar Heel Traveler has a built in demand. People want to share stories, pictures and video about a well-loved and visited state. 

This means Scott only needs to ASK for UGC, use a few free tools and his PR2 becomes a PR5 in no time. The other big learning is there may be many "web designers", but there is a tiny group that really knows how to create platforms that matter more and more every day. Many are called, few are chosen. 


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