The Next Ecommerce: Transforming Ecom With Mobile AI | Ecom Revolution |

There is a case to be made that soon; online experiences will be replaced entirely by mobile experiences. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence can grow mobile commerce through discovery and personalization.

Marty Note
This is an important post since it points out how ecommerce is ahead and behind the game:

"...we have concepts but no real, new, immersive experience in our present online shops."

We learn the same hard lesson over and over. Taking ecommerce websites and putting them on to mobile devices is like taking the motor out of a roller coaster. You can push the cars, but the thrill is gone.

"So, what does it take to really change shopping? One key is to bring the best of the offline world to the online world, and this can be summed up in the seamless way we "discover" in physical environments and the way we "learn" about new products."

"Virtual assistants are, in effect, highly intelligent recommendation systems. These recommendations systems for the future will drive sales by gathering knowledge from the organization, information and data to create intelligent solutions that differentiate businesses."

"Two other transformative ways Artificial Intelligence can grow mobile commerce are bringing the long tail to life through discovery and personalization."

I like recommendation engines too, but think the mobile engine that emerges is going to be more social and communal than this article projects. Regardless this is an important post with solid ideas on what the "new ecommerce: will look, feel and act like on our phones and pads.

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