6 Ways to Enhance Your Credibility | Marketing_me | Scoop.it

You won't succeed in business if nobody believes in you. Here's how to make certain they do.

1. Be genuine about who you really are

The days are long gone when customers were impressed by an illustrious corporate name or a fancy job title. Customers are more likely to respect you if you present yourself as an individual rather than a plug-and-play "representative."

2. Know the legitimate value of what you provide.

When you know--truly know--what you're products and services are worth, you're unafraid to communicate both the strengths and the limitations of your offering.

3. Have insights based on research and analysis.

Adding insights to a conversation automatically creates credibility. Insight comes from learning about a firm, the role it plays in the industry, and the customers that it serves.

4. Listen actively, consider carefully, and respond succinctly.

People who have credibility don't feel the need to "prove it" all the time.

5. Never talk or write in "sales-speak."

The moment you sound like a salesperson, customers buttonhole you into the "empty suit" category.

6. Be a catalyst rather than a hero.

In the comics, heroes swoop in to save the day. In real life, would-be sales heroes fall flat on their faces. Credibility comes not from your heroic actions, but from your ability to "crystallize" problems and solutions.

Via Ivo Nový