Liquid Splash Photography Tutorial,Part 2: Post-Production in Photoshop | What's new in Visual Communication? |

As usual  when I’m done shooting I import all photos from the camera into Lightroom. When the import is done, I start going through every image and mark out the ones I want to use for the final shot. I mark them with colors in Lightroom so I quickly can sort them to see what shots I did use.

I´ve got 166 splash shots from this session to choose from, I can honestly say that I just did a really quick look through of the images before starting to combine them in Photoshop. It was just so many shots to go through so I did just take a look at the thumbnails to see the shape of the shots, and when I found a shape that I thought I could work with I opened it and edited quickly in Lightroom before opening it into Photoshop.