First of all I can assure you that your not alone in this eBay account suspension mess and yes I know it is not your fault.

I have been exactly where you are right this very second, sitting in front of your computer left to feel like your world just came crashing down around you with your stomach literally tied up in knots asking yourself...

What am I going to do?Why did this happen?How will I pay my bills?What about all the money invested in inventory?

If your anything like me you've made your income as a sucessful seller on eBay and have been suspended or banned for absolutely no reason or fault of your own.

While I know this may be tough to hear but the facts are that eBay has treated you like a piece of trash, and they couldn't care less about you or reinstating your account.

As part of eBay's automated suspension machine they have sent an email to everyone that has either bid on or bought an item from you basically telling them that you have been suspended for any number of undisclosed security concerns and or reasons.

The bottom line is eBay has made you out to be a no good thief and I am willing to bet anytime now the negative feedback and paypal disputes are going to be rolling in absolutely killing any credibility you had within the eBay community.

Even if eBay for some very remote reason does happen to reinstate your account weeks down the road after countless emails, faxes or mailing in copies of your identification and personal financial data let me assure you that your old ebay account it is now completely and utterly worthless, chalk full of negative feedback that eBay will not remove.

and just as a little side note, the actual reason eBay demands that you send them all of your person information in a feable attempt to have your account reinstated is so they are able to run a credit check on you and if any sellers fees, chargebacks, etc come to light they will sell off the debt to a collections agency. This collections agency will not only hound you for the amount eBay claims you owe but damage your credit rating which will be a start to a much larger problem for today and tomorrow.

So my advice is don't play ball and give them all the documents and ID. start again. We can help; here at power seller shop we sell established ebay accounts and ebay businesses click the link below to find out more about us

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