Eating late at Night
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Eating late at Night
Eating late at night is not that bad if you choose a better and healthier option. There is no need to deny late night eating if you are hungry. But most of the times we eat at night not because we are hungry but because of tiredness, sometimes stress, while watching TV, playing games on computer we tend to do so. But what we eat at night is important. You just need to eat SMARTLY when you eat late in the night. Some foods are really good if you consume it at night and some are really bad. Here are some foods which you should avoid eating late night: Fatty Foods: Fatty foods like, French fries, burgers, pakoda’s, potato wafers, pastries, cheese takes longer time to digest. Our body requires lot of energy to digest these foods. They make you feel sluggish next day. So, never ever eat high fat foods late at night. Sugary Foods: Avoid having sugary foods like cakes, pastries, ice creams, high calorie desserts. They are high in sugar as well as fat. They may spike your sugar levels and can disturb your sleep. Caffeine: Drinking caffeinated beverages before you bed time may delays you sleep and alter the stages of sleep achieved during nights. Big Portions: You must have heard that “Your breakfast should be like a king, and your dinner should be like a beggar”. Yes it’s true; when you eat at night you must eat it in small portion. Small snacks will calm your hunger and will help to go off to sleep. Even if you eat late at night someday, eat in small quantity, do not overfill yourself. Spicy Foods: Spicy foods not only affect your stomach but also stimulate senses and make it harder to fall asleep. Avoid eating these foods at night and choose healthier options. Choosing a GLASS OF HOT MILK is the best option to have late at night. It will give you energy, keep you full, and calm your hunger. Instead of going for high fat sugary desserts go for Fruit or low fat pudding and enjoy it. Here are some tips to avoid eating late at night:  Have your meal on time.  Do not skip meals.  Have heavy breakfast daily.  When you feel hungry have hot glass of milk.  Turn off your TV and computer earlier.
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